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Swiss Concentrates Collection

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Caviar Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate - 5ml

Caviar has been added to the formulation of Mila d'Opiz's popular Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate. It has a..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


Hyaluron Concentrate - 5ml

The Hyaluron Concentrate is the ultimate tool for pure moisturisation. It contains a wide complex of..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


Hydration Concentrate - 5ml

The Hydration Concentrate is an energy booster and thirst-quencher in one. It contains various formu..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


Lifting Effect Concentrate - 5ml

This Lifting Effect Concentrate from Mila d'Opiz visibly smoothes the skin, reduces the appearance o..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


Purifying Concentrate -5ml

The Mila d'Opiz Purifying Concentrate uses a complex called AC.Net Active Component Complex to norma..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


Vitamin C Concentrate -5ml

This Concentrate from Mila d'Opiz contains a very high concentrate of Vitamin C, which protects the ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


White Shade Concentrate -5ml

The White Shade Concentrate is a new addition to the Concentrates Collection, offering a brightening..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


Beauty Detox Concentrate - 5ml

The Beauty Detox Concentrate from Mila d’Opiz is a highly active concentrated solution containing M..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


Empty Box for Concentrates

The Empty Concentrate Box is designed to safely hold 3 concentrate bottles for home use. Why not con..

Restricted Ex Tax: €0.72


Filled Concentrate Display (60 Concentrates)

The Filled Concentrate Stand is ideal for salon use. It displays the salon stock in a professional a..

Restricted Ex Tax: €419.39


Mila Concentrate Dropper

The Concentrate Dropper is a useful way to dispense measured amounts of concentrate. They can either..

Restricted Ex Tax: €1.30


Phyto de Luxe Gold Essence Concentrate (Professional) - 15ml

The Phyto Gold Essence from Mila d'Opiz is a concentrated serum used to prevent ageing of the skin ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €35.24


Stemcell Concentrate - 5ml

The Stemcell Concentrate from Mila d’Opiz contains a unique combination of 6 natural stemcell extra..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


The Vegan Green Caviar Concentrate - 5ml

Using extract from the fruit of the Caulerpa Algae (Green Caviar or Sea Grape) the Vegan Green Cavi..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50


The Vegan Green Caviar Concentrate Salon - 15ml

The  Vegan Green Caviar Concentrate utilises the high levels of vitamins and minerals extracte..

Restricted Ex Tax: €15.32


Hyaluronic4 Concentrate - 5ml

The Hyaluronic4 Concentrate from Mila d’Opiz contains 4 molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, low, ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €7.50