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Protective Wear & Covers

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Couch Roll

Couch Roll is a superior couch roll for protecting treatment couches from spills etc. It is made fro..

€10.27 Ex Tax: €8.35


Facial Tissues

Facial Tissues are a 'must' in any busy Salon or Make Up Artists studio! These Facial Tissues contai..

€1.66 Ex Tax: €1.35

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Hive Headband with Velcro Fixing

This Headband from Hive is used for holding back the hair during facials and/or Make Ups. It is made..

€4.92 Ex Tax: €4.00

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Majestic Couch Cover

The Majestic Couch Cover is a white elasticated couch cover which can fit most standard sized couche..

€20.91€10.46 Ex Tax: €17.00

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Majestic Towelling Slippers

Towelling Slippers are navy blue slip on slippers for use during salon treatments. Comfortable and e..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00

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Make-Up Cape

Kryolan MakeupGet In Touch With Sunaura, Kryolan Makeup Suppliers#1 Professional Beauty & Makeup..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


Re-usable Face Masks (pack of 5)

Double-layer re-usable fabric face coverings, sold in packs of 5. Assorted colours and patterns in t..

€7.44 €2.46 Ex Tax: €2.00


Sunaura Disposable Panties (Pack of 10)

Sunaura Disposable Panties come in a pack of 10 and are designed to protect your clients modesty dur..

€4.43 Ex Tax: €3.60


Bloc Face Shield

These Face Shields are sold singly and are attended for single-person use. They can be washed with w..

€4.43 Ex Tax: €3.60

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Disposable Face Masks (25 or 50) BFE 95%

These disposable face masks are high quality barrier masks that are intended as single-use protectio..

€39.21€9.80 Ex Tax: €31.88


EasyDry Disposable Compostable Gowns (30-pack)

Disposable and compostable gowns perfect for the use in busy hair and or beauty salons. Great t..

€62.73 Ex Tax: €51.00


Hive PVC Couch Cover

This plastic couch cover fits over a massage or beauty couch to protect it from spills and to keep i..

€23.37 Ex Tax: €19.00


Sunaura Disposable Slippers (Pack of 10)

Sunaura disposable slippers are a useful addition to any salon, they can feet up to approx size 7 an..

€4.18 Ex Tax: €3.40


Hive Disposable Headbands - 24 Pack

Hive's Disposable Headbands are a hygienic way to protect the clients hair during facials or make up..

€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00


Hive Mob Cap

This Hive Mob Cap is a loose-fitting, re-usable cap for protecting the clients hair during facial tr..

€4.92 Ex Tax: €4.00


Zimples Disposable Compostable Towels 75 pack

These Zimples disposable towels, by Easydry, are 100% biodegradable and break down in just 12 weeks...

€28.29 Ex Tax: €23.00