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Ready-Made Prosthetics

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Grimas Prosthetic - Bird Beak

The Grimas bird beak prosthetic is a flesh coloured foam latex prosthetic which is used to fashion a..

€14.76 €10.33 Ex Tax: €8.40


Grimas Prosthetic - Cyrano Nose

The Grimas Cyrano Nose is a small, flesh-coloured nose in a "Cyrano de Bergerac" up-turned shape mad..

€14.76 €10.33 Ex Tax: €8.40


Grimas Prosthetic - Dog Snout

A flesh-coloured Foam Latex prosthetic which is adhered to the model's face to create a dog snout. F..

€14.76 €10.33 Ex Tax: €8.40


Grimas Prosthetic - Elephant

A flesh coloured foam prosthetic fashioned like a short elephants trunk. Foam Latex differs from reg..

€14.76 €10.33 Ex Tax: €8.40


Grimas Prosthetic - Quasimodo Eye

An eerily authentic Foam Latex prosthetic modelled after Quasimodo-- the Hunchback of Notre-Dame! Fo..

€14.76 €10.33 Ex Tax: €8.40


Grimas Prosthetic - Rabbit

This Foam Latex mask is used to create a rabbit-like appearance. Foam Latex differs from regular rub..

€14.76 €10.33 Ex Tax: €8.40


Grimas Prosthetic - Werewolf Nose

The Grimas Latex Werewolf Nose is a flesh-coloured appliance with an angry-looking snout. Foam Latex..

€14.76 Ex Tax: €12.00


Nimba Creations - Severed Finger

Made from unpainted gelatine, this Severed Finger from Nimba Creations would be brilliant for leavin..

€24.60 Ex Tax: €20.00


Nimba Creations - Zombie Bite

This horrific Zombie Bite prosthetic from Nimba Creations is a gruesome appliance full of depth and ..

€54.12 Ex Tax: €44.00


Woochie "Frankly Bolts" Appliance

This hand-painted, latex prosthetic from Woochie features two silver-toned bolts, embedded into your..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Woochie "Stake and Eggs"

For a stomach-churning costume, use the Stake and Eggs prosthetic from Woochie, which is designed to..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie "The Jokester" Prosthetic

Want to know how he got those scars? The Jokester prosthetic from Woochie features two cut through l..

€11.69 Ex Tax: €9.50


Woochie Alien Nose Bridge

This latex prosthetic from Woochie quickly transforms a normal nose into an out-of-this-world ridged..

€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50


Woochie Bald Cap (Latex)

This Bald Cap from Woochie is made from high quality latex and includes instructions for the best fi..

€15.38 Ex Tax: €12.50


Woochie Devil Set

A collection of pre-painted Red Devil horns, nose and chin, made from latex by prosthetics masters W..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Woochie Dopey Ears

This pair of large, rounded latex ears would be perfect for creating a realistic Dwarf costume. To a..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Woochie Elven Ear Tips

Created from high quality latex, this pair of Elven Ear Tips simply sit on top of your ears to creat..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Woochie Mr Feels

The Mr. Feels appliance from Woochie features a bulbous latex nose. Would be great for a Shrek costu..

€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50


Woochie Pinnochio Nose

Woochie's Pinnochio Nose is great for recreating the long-nosed, wooden boy himself! To apply, simpl..

€11.69 Ex Tax: €9.50


Woochie Tin Man Nose

This Tin Man Nose from Woochie can be used to effectively recreate the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz..

€11.69 Ex Tax: €9.50


Woochie Witch Nose

Woochie's Witch Nose appliance is a lightweight latex piece that features a crooked bridge, pointed ..

€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50


Woochie Witch Set

A prosthetic set from Woochie featuring a green latex nose and chin-- the perfect finishing touch to..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Grimas Prosthetic - Horns

This latex prosthetic from Grimas features two ultra-realistic demon horns. Great for students or fo..

€29.52 €10.33 Ex Tax: €8.40


Grimas Prosthetic - Witch

This latex prosthetic from Grimas is brilliant for Witch costumes! Included is a witch hooked nose, ..

€14.76 €10.33 Ex Tax: €8.40


Grimas Prosthetic Pinocchio

This Pinocchio Nose from Grimas is made from latex and is perfect for dressing up as the wooden boy!..

€14.76 €10.33 Ex Tax: €8.40


Grimas Reptile Prosthetic

This Reptile Prosthetic from Grimas is made from latex and is painted green. Featuring a flat nose w..

€14.76 Ex Tax: €12.00


Woochie Alien Horns (5 Pack)

Woochie's Alien Horn Set is a set of 5 paintable latex proshetic horns! Easily applied with Spirit G..

€15.38 Ex Tax: €12.50


Woochie Antlers - Small

These latex Antlers by Woochie are a great addition to a faun/deer Halloween costume! Pre-painted to..

€11.62 Ex Tax: €9.45


Woochie Ape Face Prosthetic

Woochie's Ape Face prosthetic is a full face latex prosthetic that makes you look just like an ape! ..

€22.76 Ex Tax: €18.50


Woochie Champ Nose

Woochie's Champ Nose prosthetic is a  latex prosthetic that covers the nose area to look like y..

€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50


Woochie Demon Ears

Woochie's Demon Ears are a set of two ear tips that are designed to sit just on top of your own ears..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


Woochie Devil Ears

Finish off your devilish make-up look with these Devil Ear tips from Woochie. They come pre-painted ..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Gremlin Ears

Woochie's Gremlin Ears are a set of two large ear tips that are designed to sit just on top of your ..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Large Elf Ears

Woochie's Elf Ears are a set of two large ear tips that are designed to sit just on top of your own ..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Master Beast Ears

Woochie's Beast Master Ears are a set of two large ear tips that are designed to sit just on top of ..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Master Beast Set

Woochie's Master Beast prosthetic is a full face latex prosthetic that makes you look just like a mo..

€23.99 Ex Tax: €19.50


Woochie Mouse Nose

Woochie's Mouse Nose prosthetic is a  latex prosthetic that covers the nose area to create the ..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Woochie Mutant Spike Prosthetic

Create a horrific, symmetrical horned effect with Woochie's Mustant Spike prosthetic! Contains six p..

€19.68 Ex Tax: €16.00


Woochie Raven/Crow Prosthetic

This creepy Raven/Crow prosthetic is made from latex and is painted a realistic bone colour with sha..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Steampunk Set

Look just like you walked out of an alternative 19th century with Woochie's Steampunk Prosthetic. Co..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Swollen Eye

Woochie's Swollen Eye Latex Prosthetic is a prosthetic piece designed to fit over the eye area to gi..

€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50


Woochie Unicorn Horn

Become a unicorn with Woochie's latest latex prosthetic! This fake unicorn horn comes pre-painted an..

€9.41 Ex Tax: €7.65


Woochie Werewolf Face Prosthetic

Woochie's Werewolf Face is a three-piece latex prosthetic that allows you easily transform into a te..

€15.38 Ex Tax: €12.50


Woochie Wizard Set

Woochie's Wizard Set is a latex prosthetic appliance that comes in a set of two, nose and chin. They..

€21.53 Ex Tax: €17.50


Woochie Wolf Ears Prosthetic

Woochie's Wolf Ears are set of two brown-tinted ear tips that are designed to sit just on top of you..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Woochie Wolf Prosthetic

Woochie's Wolf Prosthetic is a fully painted latex proshetic that is designed to go around your eyes..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Woochie Zip It

Woochie's Zip It is a foam Latex prosthetic designed for the neck area to give a horror flesh effect..

€11.69 Ex Tax: €9.50

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