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Mehron Skin Prep Pro

Mehron Skin Prep Pro 120ml is a primer for all skin types under make-up. It absorbs excess sweat, oi..

€14.64 Ex Tax: €11.90


Hive Anti-Bacterial Gel

A smooth, deep cleansing hand gel that kills germs and leaves the hands refreshed. Perfect for salon..

€3.20 Ex Tax: €2.60


Kryolan Lance-Curve Tool 1066

The Kryolan Lance-Curve Tool 1066 is a stainless steel double-ended spatula which can be used for cr..

€17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00

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Kryolan Pre-Impression Bald Cap

This Kryolan Pre-Impression Bald Cap is a very thin glatzan bald cap, designed for use with life-cas..

€24.60 Ex Tax: €20.00

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Makeup International SuperMatte Anti-Shine - 18ml

Makeup International's Face to Face Supermatte Antishine is the professional way to keep shine at ba..

€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00


MaqPro Paris 36 Colour Palette - DAH1

This is a lovely skin-toned version of the popular 36-colour Fard Creme Palettes from Maq Pro. These..

€485.85 Ex Tax: €395.00

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MaqPro Paris Camouflage Foundation Palette

These 8-colour Foundation Palettes from Maq Pro Paris are full coverage foundations that also double..

€132.84 Ex Tax: €108.00


MaqPro Paris Diluent 60ml

MaqPro Paris Diluent 60ml is a very special and unique product from MaqPro. Add 1-2 drops to your fa..

€31.61 Ex Tax: €25.70

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Millennium FX Silicone Nose

These film-quality silicone noses are made by the world-famous Millennium FX workshop (Neill Gorton'..

€77.49 Ex Tax: €63.00


Mouldlife Platsil Gel 25

Mouldlife Platsil Gel 25 is a 2-part silicone kit for creating moulds. This has an exceptionally low..

€100.86 Ex Tax: €82.00


Woochie Beastly Horns

Woochie Beastly Horns are a pack of 2 x flesh-coloured latex horns, with ridges to look like natural..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Big Horns

These Woochie Big Horns are a pair of black-painted latex horns which taper into points. They can be..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Monkey Ears

The Woochie Monkey Ears are a 2-piece latex prosthetic set containing large round ears painted brown..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Pixie Nose, small

The Woochie Pixie Nose is a ready-made latex prosthetic in a small size, to fit anyone over the age ..

€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50


Woochie Universal Horns

The Woochie Universal Horns are a 2-piece latex prosthetic pack, for applying to skin using spirit g..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Vampire Ears

These Woochie Vampire Ears come as a set of 2 flesh-coloured latex ears, in a medium-length pointed ..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


Woochie Werewolf Nose

The Woochie Werewolf Nose is a latex prosthetic which is glued over the nose. It comes painted brown..

€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50