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Budget Implements

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Double Sharpener

This is a double sharpener for paring make up pencils, it can sharpen both standard sized pencils an..

€3.08 €2.15 Ex Tax: €1.75


Marvelash Micro Applicators (100 Pack)

These disposable Micro Applicators are great for when small amounts of liquid need to be accurately ..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50



A single sharpener for paring make up pencils. Make up sharpeners are less sharp than standard penci..

€3.69 €2.58 Ex Tax: €2.10


Grimas Double Sharpener

A Double Sharpener from Grimas, ideal for keeping in your make-up kit for emergencies! ..

€4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50


Hive Curved Nail Scissors

Hive Curved Nail Scissors are designed for gently trimming nails. With a 3cm cutting surface, these ..

€5.41 Ex Tax: €4.40

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