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Setting, Sealing & Barrier Creams

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Ben Nye Final Seal

Finish off your look by making it smudge-proof and water-resistant with Ben Nye's Final Seal. It loc..

€23.12 Ex Tax: €18.80


Bluebird FX Matte Sealer - 50ml

Once of the most matte sealers on the market, Bluebird FX's Matte Sealer can be used for almost anyt..

€52.89 Ex Tax: €43.00


Dermacolor Fixing Spray

Designed to seal the Dermacolor Camouflage Cream and Fixing Powder, the Dermacolor Fixing Spray can ..

€23.37 Ex Tax: €19.00



Derma Shield is a revolutionary, easy to apply, fragrance free, non-toxic mousse that forms a non gr..

€39.36 Ex Tax: €32.00

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Green Marble Sealor Spray

The most durable sealer on the market today, Green Marble Sealor was designed by award-winning make-..

€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00


Kryolan Fixier Spray 300ml

Kryolan's Fixing Spray creates an invisible protective film on top of your make-up, making it last h..

€36.90 Ex Tax: €30.00


Kryolan Sealor

Kryolan's Sealer is a clear, synthetic liquid used to seal and protect prosthetic pieces made from m..

€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50

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WM Creations Sealer

WM Creations Sealer is a 95% Alcohol-based liquid plastic. We currently stock four different kinds: ..

€30.14 Ex Tax: €24.50


Graftobian Wax Seal 29ml

Graftobian Wax Seal is a flexible Wax Sealer used to seal and set waxes and putties prior to make up..

€15.44 Ex Tax: €12.55


Green Marble Concentrate 8 oz

From the makers of Green Marble Sealer comes Green Marble Concentrate. This is a concentrated form o..

€102.09 Ex Tax: €83.00


L'Oreal Elnett Supreme Hold Hairspray - Strong Hold

Limited Stock! The legendary Elnett Spray from L'Oreal is a favourite of many of the world's top sty..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


Maekup Pit-Stop (Quick Dry)

Mae-Kup PitStop is a great product for prosthetic artists-- it's designed to minimise perspiration u..

€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00


Super Million Hair Mist

The Super Million Hair Mist is used to firmly hold the Super Million Hair in place. Unlike ordinary ..

€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00


Graftobian Magic Set - 2oz

Graftobian's Magic Set is a clear, fast-drying liquid designed to be mixed with powders to create li..

€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50