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Wounds & Disease

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Fleet Street Blood Paste

The Fleet Street Blood Pastes are brilliant for adding dimension to artificial wounds and cuts, and ..

€27.83 Ex Tax: €23.00

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Kryolan Bruise Wheel

Available in a four colour and a six colour wheel, Kryolan's Bruise Wheel is great for quickly and e..

€12.10 Ex Tax: €10.00

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Kryolan Burns Wheel

Available in both four and six colour wheel, the Burns Wheel from Kryolan is great for effectively r..

€12.10 Ex Tax: €10.00


Kryolan Gelfix

Gelfix is a ready-made, clear gelatin product that can be placed in a cup of hot water to melt. Simp..

€12.71 Ex Tax: €10.50


Kryolan Old Age Wheel

This four colour Old Age Wheel from Kryolan contains four shades of cream make-up that are great for..

€12.10 Ex Tax: €10.00


Kryolan Tuplast

Kryolan Tuplast is a professional, waterproof material that can be used to create realistic cuts and..

€27.83 Ex Tax: €23.00

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Kryolan Wound Filler

This jelly-like substance from Kryolan is great for adding dimension and texture to open wounds, giv..

€13.01 Ex Tax: €10.75


Maekup Dry Lip

Maekup's Dry Lip is a water-based liquid, containing Milk Protein for producing extremely realistic ..

€14.52 Ex Tax: €12.00

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Maekup Scab

Maekup's Scab is an alcohol-based, quick-drying, non-staining blood for producing aged scabs, scratc..

€12.10 Ex Tax: €10.00


Maekup Sunburn 30ml

Maekup's Sunburn is a quick drying, water-resistant spray designed to simulate a roaring red Sunburn..

€12.10 Ex Tax: €10.00


Mehron ProColorRing - Bruise

Create ultra realistic bruises with Mehron's Pro Bruise Wheel! It includes all the colours you need ..

€20.57 Ex Tax: €17.00


SFX Starter Kit

This kit contains everything you need to begin making special effects make-up! - Kryolan Liquid..

€46.98 Ex Tax: €38.83


Graftobian Magic Blood Power 1g

Graftobian Magic Blood Powder can be used in a variety of ways for different effects, and you are on..

€7.50 Ex Tax: €6.20


Graftobian Severe Trauma Kit

Graftobian Severe Trauma Special Effects Makeup Kit comes with all the makeup you need to create rea..

€27.00 Ex Tax: €22.31


Graftobian Student Theatrical Kit - Light/Fair

Graftobian Student Theatrical Kit is packed wit many products to create Old age, Wizard and many mor..

€31.94 €25.56 Ex Tax: €21.12


Graftobian Zombie Kit

Graftobian Zombie Makeup Kit contains all the FX makeup you need to create a Zombie look. This Kit i..

€27.00 Ex Tax: €22.31


Kryolan 6 Colour Black Eye Wheel

Kryolan 6 Colour Black Eye Wheel is a classic supracolor wheel with a range of 6 colours d..

€21.78 Ex Tax: €18.00


Kryolan Supracolor 24-colour Palette, K

This is a useful selection of 24 of Kryolan's popular supracolor formulation. Supracolor is a creamy..

€79.86 Ex Tax: €66.00


WM Creations Scab Material

This Scab Material from Matthew Mungle's WM Creation line of SFX products is a pigmented, silicone-b..

€66.55 Ex Tax: €55.00


Kryolan Collodion Remover – 30ml

Kryolan Collodion Remover is a proprietory remover used to remove Kryolan Collodion quickly and cle..

€8.11 Ex Tax: €6.70

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Kryolan Fresh Scratch

Available in Light or Dark, Kryolan's Fresh Scratch is a stiff, fast-drying paste which is brilliant..

€12.71 Ex Tax: €10.50


Kryolan Rigid Collodion - 30ml

Rigid Collodion is a staple in the special effects world-- it's brilliant for the creation of simula..

€20.57 Ex Tax: €17.00


Maekup Foaming Mouth Powder

Another great product from Dave Stoneman, the Maekup Foaming Mouth is a powder that-- when activated..

€18.76 Ex Tax: €15.50


Maekup Psoriasis - 30g

A quick-drying paste designed to simulate cracked and flaking effects on the skin, just like real ps..

€16.94 Ex Tax: €14.00

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Maekup Pus - 30g

A water-based Pus from Maekup, ideal for the filling of prosthetic septic wounds and sores. Availabl..

€12.10 Ex Tax: €10.00

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Third Degree Silicone Kit

Widely used in the film industry for creating injuries, resurfacing skin and casting into moulds, Th..

€35.09 Ex Tax: €29.00