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Lipsticks, Lip Palettes & Glosses

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Kryolan Lip Palette

Kryolan MakeupGet In Touch With Sunaura, Kryolan Makeup Suppliers#1 Professional Beauty & Makeup..

€22.14 Ex Tax: €18.00

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Kryolan Mini Lip-Palette

Great for working make-up artists, Kryolan's Mini Lip Palette contains eighteen different lipsticks ..

€38.13 Ex Tax: €31.00


MaqPro Paris 10 Colour Slimline Palette - PP.18

These 10 colour slimline palettes from MaqPro Paris are the ultimate space-saver for your kit! These..

€31.98 Ex Tax: €26.00

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MaqPro Paris Fard Crème Panstick - 15g

Made from MaqPro Paris' oldest and most popular fomulation, the Fard Crème, these Pansticks have a l..

€26.45 Ex Tax: €21.50

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MaqPro Paris Lip Balm

Available in five different tinted shades, these Lip Balms from MaqPro Paris have a gorgeously fresh..

€17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00

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MaqPro Paris Lip Gloss

MaqPro's Lip Gloss is a gorgeous gloss which leaves your lips feeling moisturised and fresh, without..

€24.60 Ex Tax: €20.00


MaqPro Paris Lip Primer

This Lip Primer from MaqPro Paris is a necessity in your make-up bag, as it preps and primes your li..

€29.52 Ex Tax: €24.00

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MaqPro Paris Lipstick

Based on natural waxes, MaqPro Paris's Lipsticks come in seven beautiful colours that are heavily pi..

€22.14 Ex Tax: €18.00


MaqPro/Sunaura Lip Palette

This 10 Colour Lipstick Palette, designed by Sunaura, is a great addition to any make-up artist's ki..

€35.67 Ex Tax: €29.00

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Mehron - Cheek Cream

Get a flawless finish with these cheek creams from Mehron. They can be used not only as a blush..

€7.29 Ex Tax: €5.93


Mehron - Cheek Cream Palette

The Mehron Cheek Cream Palette has such a variety of uses that it is the perfect product to add to y..

€44.94 Ex Tax: €36.54


Mehron - Lipstix Fix

Is your lipstick always wearing off ?  Here's the product we've all been waiting for!!Mehron Li..

€8.75 Ex Tax: €7.11


Lola Make Up - Light Touch Gift Set

Lola Make Up is an up- and coming brand with quality products at really affordable prices. Fully veg..

€30.49 Ex Tax: €24.79


Lola Makeup - Bronzer Kit

Lola Makeup is an up and coming makeup range which is aims to provide proper quality at a really aff..

€36.59 Ex Tax: €29.75


Lola Makeup - Night Time Makeup Set

Lola is an emerging make-up brand with simple, easy-to-use vegan and cruelty-free products and we're..

€28.46 Ex Tax: €23.14


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

A household staple, Vaseline's Petroleum Jelly can be used for a huge range of things, from softenin..

€2.46 Ex Tax: €2.00

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Ben Nye Shimmer Crayon

Ben Nye MakeupGet In Touch With Sunaura, Ben Nye Makeup Suppliers #1 Professional Beauty &a..

€18.75 Ex Tax: €15.24