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Ben Nye Hair Colour - 59ml

Ben Nye Hair Colour comes in  natural-looking shades and is easy to apply; simply apply with a ..

€19.31 Ex Tax: €15.96


Bluebird FX Old Age - 50ml

Bluebird FX's Old Age Stipple helps you create realistic and long-lasting ageing effects on the skin..

€75.02 Ex Tax: €62.00


Green Marble Attagel - 56gms

Attagel is a thickening agent that can be used with the Green Marble Ageing Concentrate to create su..

€14.52 Ex Tax: €12.00


Kryolan Old Age Wheel

This four colour Old Age Wheel from Kryolan contains four shades of cream make-up that are great for..

€12.10 Ex Tax: €10.00

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WM Creations Old Age Stipple - 60ml

The most widely-used aging stipple in the industry, WM Creations Old Age Stipples are perfect for ac..

€32.67 Ex Tax: €27.00


Ben Nye Old Character Wheel

Ben Nye's Old Character Wheel contains four creamy and intense shades to help you create realistic a..

€22.99 Ex Tax: €19.00


Graftobian Student Theatrical Kit - Light/Fair

Graftobian Student Theatrical Kit is packed wit many products to create Old age, Wizard and many mor..

€31.94 €25.56 Ex Tax: €21.12


Green Marble Concentrate 8 oz

From the makers of Green Marble Sealer comes Green Marble Concentrate. This is a concentrated form o..

€100.43 Ex Tax: €83.00

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Millennium FX Silicone Nose

These film-quality silicone noses are made by the world-famous Millennium FX workshop (Neill Gorton'..

€76.23 Ex Tax: €63.00


Kryolan Collodion Remover – 30ml

Kryolan Collodion Remover is a proprietory remover used to remove Kryolan Collodion quickly and cle..

€8.11 Ex Tax: €6.70

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Kryolan Liquid Latex

Kryolan's Liquid Latex is a rubber compound used in the creation of special effects and making prost..

€10.89 Ex Tax: €9.00


Kryolan Rigid Collodion - 30ml

Rigid Collodion is a staple in the special effects world-- it's brilliant for the creation of simula..

€20.57 Ex Tax: €17.00


Maekup Old Age Stipple Gel - 30ml

Maekup's Old Age Stipple Gel is a solvent-based gel used to create super realistic ageing effects di..

€14.52 Ex Tax: €12.00

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Sunaura Crepe Hair

Sunaura Crepe Hair is traditional crepe wool available in a wide variety of colours, and can be used..

€7.83 Ex Tax: €6.47