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Mila d'Opiz Accessories

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Mila d'Opiz Bath Towel

These Bath Towels from Mila d'Opiz are soft, easy to wash and large. Comes in two colours, pistachio..

€38.95 Ex Tax: €31.67


Mila d'Opiz Peeling Massage Glove

A pair of Peeling Massage Gloves from Mila d'Opiz. This glove removes dead cells from the skin's sur..

€4.18 Ex Tax: €3.40


Mila d'Opiz Plastic Pocket Travel Bag

A small, clear bag with the Mila d'Opiz logo along the top, ideal for holding the Mila d'Opiz travel..

Restricted Ex Tax: €2.10


Mila d'Opiz Red Paper Bag

A red paper bag, ideal for promoting Mila d'Opiz in your salon. It features the Mila d'Opiz logo, wi..

Restricted Ex Tax: €2.10


Mila d'Opiz T-shirt

A white ladies T-Shirt, featuring the Mila d'Opiz logo in gold on the front. Size: L. Brilliant for ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €13.70


Empty Box for Concentrates

The Empty Concentrate Box is designed to safely hold 3 concentrate bottles for home use. Why not con..

Restricted Ex Tax: €0.85


Mila d'Opiz Classic Towel

This soft white classic towel with a gold Mila d'Opiz logo will smarten up any salon. Hand towel siz..

€25.62 Ex Tax: €20.83


Mila d'Opiz Cosmetic Bag

This smart navy cosmetic bag with a gold Mila d'Opiz Logo is ideal for holding cosmetics, skincare p..

Restricted Ex Tax: €5.84


Mila d'Opiz Dropper for Concentrate

The Concentrate Dropper is a useful way to dispense measured amounts of concentrate. They can either..

Restricted Ex Tax: €1.40


Mila d'Opiz Gift Vouchers - 25 Pack

Specially designed by us for our Mila d'Opiz customers and salons, this 25 pack of Mila d'Opiz Gift ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €24.00


Mila d'Opiz Glass Paper Weight

Smarten your reception area with this lovely glass paperweight with Mila d'Opiz logo. It measures ap..

Restricted Ex Tax: €45.20


Mila d'Opiz Mirror Display

The Mila d'Opiz Mirror Display is designed to hold 5 or 6 retail products for either testing or disp..

Restricted Ex Tax: €37.80


Mila d'Opiz Prescription Pad

This homecare prescription pad is a useful addition to any salon, allowing the therapist to quickly ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €4.80


Skin Whisperer Paper Carrier Bag

Made from strong card, the Skin Whisperer Carry bag is for holding your client's Skin Whisperer purc..

Restricted Ex Tax: €2.10