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Mila d'Opiz Accessories

Mila d'Opiz offers a range of skincare accessories to complement their skincare products and enhance the overall skincare experience. These accessories include tools for cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging the skin, as well as products for application and storage of skincare products. Mila d'Opiz accessories are designed to enhance the overall skincare experience and make it more enjoyable and effective. They are made from high-quality materials and are suitable for all skin types.

Overall, Mila d'Opiz accessories can help to improve the effectiveness of skincare products and provide a more enjoyable and relaxing skincare experience. However, as with any skincare product or accessory, it is important to use them as directed and consult a dermatologist if you have any concerns or issues with your skin.

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Mila d'Opiz Bath Towel

These Bath Towels from Mila d'Opiz are soft, easy to wash and large. Comes in two colours, pistachio..

€38.95 Ex Tax: €31.67


Mila d'Opiz Peeling Massage Glove

A pair of Peeling Massage Gloves from Mila d'Opiz. This glove removes dead cells from the skin's sur..

€4.18 Ex Tax: €3.40


Mila d'Opiz Plastic Pocket Travel Bag

A small, clear bag with the Mila d'Opiz logo along the top, ideal for holding the Mila d'Opiz travel..

Restricted Ex Tax: €2.10


Mila d'Opiz Red Paper Bag

A red paper bag, ideal for promoting Mila d'Opiz in your salon. It features the Mila d'Opiz logo, wi..

Restricted Ex Tax: €2.10


Empty Box for Concentrates

The Empty Concentrate Box is designed to safely hold 3 concentrate bottles for home use. Why not con..

Restricted Ex Tax: €0.85


Mila d'Opiz Classic Towel

This soft white classic towel with a gold Mila d'Opiz logo will smarten up any salon. Hand towel siz..

€25.62 Ex Tax: €20.83


Mila d'Opiz Dropper for Concentrate

The Concentrate Dropper is a useful way to dispense measured amounts of concentrate. They can either..

Restricted Ex Tax: €1.40


Mila d'Opiz Gift Vouchers - 25 Pack

Specially designed by us for our Mila d'Opiz customers and salons, this 25 pack of Mila d'Opiz Gift ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €24.00


Mila d'Opiz Glass Paper Weight

Smarten your reception area with this lovely glass paperweight with Mila d'Opiz logo. It measures ap..

Restricted Ex Tax: €45.20


Mila d'Opiz Mirror Display

The Mila d'Opiz Mirror Display is designed to hold 5 or 6 retail products for either testing or disp..

Restricted Ex Tax: €37.80


Mila d'Opiz Prescription Pad

This homecare prescription pad is a useful addition to any salon, allowing the therapist to quickly ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €4.80


Phyto De Luxe Display Stand

Catch the attention of your customers with this stylish display stand! Designed to promote Mila d'Op..

Restricted Ex Tax: €45.50


Skin Whisperer Paper Carrier Bag

Made from strong card, the Skin Whisperer Carry bag is for holding your client's Skin Whisperer purc..

Restricted Ex Tax: €2.10


Swiss Concentrates Display Stand (Filled)

Ideal for retail use, the filled concentrate display stand is an attractive way to display your conc..

Restricted Ex Tax: €405.00