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Modelling and Prosthetic Materials

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Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax

A soft, pliable coloured wax used for contouring and creating scars, wounds and facial features. Com..

€12.04 Ex Tax: €9.79


Chavant Clay

This NSP Chavant Clay is a professional sculpting clay. NSP stands for Non-Sulphurated Plasteline-- ..

€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00


Kryolan Aerosil - 45g

Kryolan Aerosil is a thickening agent, used by prosthetics artists to fill gaps in latex pieces. ..

€25.83 Ex Tax: €21.00

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Kryolan Cinewax

Kryolan's Cinewax is a non-sticky, pale wax with excellent adhesion properties. Can be used to block..

€11.69 Ex Tax: €9.50


Kryolan Gelfix

Gelfix is a ready-made, clear gelatin product that can be placed in a cup of hot water to melt. Simp..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Kryolan Metal Spatula

Made from stainless steel, this single-sided Kryolan Spatula is ideal for mixing and combining produ..

€17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00

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Kryolan Soft Putty

Kryolan's Soft Putty is an easily-modelled, soft wax, designed for modelling facial forms on the ski..

€11.07 Ex Tax: €9.00


Kryolan Stipple Wax - 25g

Kryolan's Stipple Wax is ideal for simulation of an unshaven, five o'clock shadow sort of look. Com..

€14.76 Ex Tax: €12.00


Kryolan Tuplast

Kryolan Tuplast is a professional, waterproof material that can be used to create realistic cuts and..

€28.29 Ex Tax: €23.00


Maekup Gelatine - 900g

This Gelatine from Maekup by Dave Stoneman is a high-quality Prosthetic Material, designed to create..

€39.36 Ex Tax: €32.00

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Maekup Probondo

Maekup's Probondo is a chemically-modified Prosaide Filler, ideal for producing three-dimensional wo..

€24.60 Ex Tax: €20.00


Maekup Probondo Release and Seal - 30ml

Maekup's Probondo Release and Seal is a rapid-drying solvent liquid, for use with Maekup's Probondo ..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00

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Mouldlife Life Casting Alginate - 500g

Mouldlife's Lifecasting Alginate is a super fine alginate that offers a smooth, lump-free consistenc..

€13.53 Ex Tax: €11.00

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Mouldlife Platsil Gel 10

Mouldlife's Platsil Gel-10 is a two-part silicone kit which has been used by top make-up artists in ..

€100.86 Ex Tax: €82.00

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Mouldlife Sculpt Gel

Mouldlife's Sculpt Gel is a three-part silicone system that enables you to create realistic scars, c..

€66.42 Ex Tax: €54.00

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ProsAide Adhesive

ProsAide is water-based adhesive which is excellent for sticking prosthetics. ProsAide is the leadin..

€17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00

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ProsAide Cream Adhesive

This thick Cream Adhesive from ProsAide is brilliant for filling in seams and gaps in appliances, an..

€46.74 Ex Tax: €38.00

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ProsAide No-Tack

With great adhesion, water-resistance and flexibility, ProsAide No-Tack has all the great properties..

€20.30 Ex Tax: €16.50

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Robert Smith Silicone Flow Blood

Robert Smith's Silicone Flow Blood is his brand new blood which has extra flow properties, so it's a..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.50

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Sunaura Flocking

Flocking is the process of applying material to a surface to create a textured finish. It's great fo..

€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50


Brian Kinneys Hurt Box Ballistic

Created by Emmy nominated SFX artist, Brian Kinney, the Brian Kinney Hurt Box Ballistic Palete is a ..

€82.41 Ex Tax: €67.00


Brian Kinneys Hurt Box Blistered

Brian Kinney Hurt Boxes are growing in demand with film and TV production makeup departments that ne..

€82.41 Ex Tax: €67.00


Brian Kinneys Hurt Box Murder

This Brian Kinneys Hurt Box Murder Pallete contain a variety of different shaped wounds on a single ..

€82.41 Ex Tax: €67.00


Brian Kinneys Hurt Box Original

Created by Emmy nominated SFX artist, Brian Kinney, Hurt Box Palettes were created for makeup artist..

€82.41 Ex Tax: €67.00


Brian Kinneys Hurt Box Scarred Up

Brian Kinneys Hurt Box Scarred Up Palette allows you to create very realistic prosthetic scars and t..

€82.41 Ex Tax: €67.00

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Graftobian Modelling Wax

Graftobian Modelling Wax is the ideal wax for creating just about any facial addition: warts, broken..

€6.27 Ex Tax: €5.10


Grimas Plastic Modelling Spatula

Grimas's Plastic Modelling Spatula features a sharp end and a flat end for modeling. A must-have for..

€3.69 Ex Tax: €3.00

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Hive of Beauty Acetone

Acetone is such a useful product - traditionally used in the beauty industry for removing nail polis..

€4.92 Ex Tax: €4.00


Kryolan Modelling Tool 1066

Kryolan Modelling Tool 1066 is a narrow angular tool, ideal for shaping waxes and putties, etc, as w..

€17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00

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Kryolan Pre-Impression Bald Cap

This Kryolan Pre-Impression Bald Cap is a very thin glatzan bald cap, designed for use with life-cas..

€24.60 Ex Tax: €20.00


Maekup Pit-Stop (Quick Dry)

Mae-Kup PitStop is a great product for prosthetic artists-- it's designed to minimise perspiration u..

€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00


Monster Makers Clay Soft

Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay is a re-usable sulfur free, professional oil/wax based scul..

€36.90 Ex Tax: €30.00


Mouldlife Baldiez - 500ml

Mouldlife's Baldiez was developed to create professional bald caps, but it can also be used as an en..

€42.44 Ex Tax: €34.50


Mouldlife Platsil Gel 25

Mouldlife Platsil Gel 25 is a 2-part silicone kit for creating moulds. This has an exceptionally low..

€100.86 Ex Tax: €82.00


Mouldlife Super Baldiez Encapsulator 500ml

Super Baldiez is a great product from Mouldlife which can be used as Bald Cap Plastic (so you can ma..

€42.44 Ex Tax: €34.50


Smiths Prosthetic Deadener 1KG

Smiths Prosthetic Deadener a gelling agent that can be added to Platsil Gel silicone to increase the..

€65.56 Ex Tax: €53.30


Ultra 4 Epoxy Parfilm 340g Spray

This Ultra 4 Expoxy Parfilm spray is a mould release agent for prosthetic and modelmaking. It is ide..

€20.30 Ex Tax: €16.50


Wire Modelling Tools - Set of 6

Kryolan's versatile set of 6 single wire-ended modelling tools has been designed for make up artists..

€20.91 Ex Tax: €17.00


Wooden Modelling Spatula - Set of 6

These modelling hand tools, are sometimes referred to as thumb tools since the thumb is often used t..

€10.70 Ex Tax: €8.70

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Kryolan Liquid Latex

Kryolan's Liquid Latex is a rubber compound used in the creation of special effects and making prost..

€11.07 Ex Tax: €9.00


Mehron 3D Gel

Mehron's 3D Gel is a gelatin-based liquid designed for creating realistic skin and prosthetic pieces..

€15.38 Ex Tax: €12.50

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Third Degree Silicone Kit

Widely used in the film industry for creating injuries, resurfacing skin and casting into moulds, Th..

€35.67 Ex Tax: €29.00