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General Beauty

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Crystal Nail File - Medium

Crystal Glass nail files are the ultimate manicure accessory. Made from crystal glass, the smooth f..

€7.38 Ex Tax: €6.00


Graftobian Powder Plus Gift Set

We've put together a really special offer here and the quantity available is EXTREMELY limited! We'v..

€27.06 Ex Tax: €22.00


Hive Disposable Manicure Pads - 24 Pack

These Disposable Manicure Pads from Hive are useful, water-absorbant pads for the protection of your..

€9.84 Ex Tax: €8.00


Hive of Beauty Cuticle Massage Cream

This Cuticle Massage Cream has a sweet Passionfruit fragrance, and is used to soften and hydrate the..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.50


Hive Orange Wood Stick

The Hive Orange Wood Sticks come in a pack of 10 and are double-sided; they have a thin pointed side..

€1.85 Ex Tax: €1.50


Re-usable Face Masks (pack of 5)

Double-layer re-usable fabric face coverings, sold in packs of 5. Assorted colours and patterns in t..

€14.90 €7.44 Ex Tax: €6.05


Rubis Pro-Grip Slanted Tweezers

Already known as the best tweezer brand in the business, Rubis has created the Pro-Grip Tweezer; a n..

€34.44 Ex Tax: €28.00


Sunaura Finger Separators

Finger Separators are a handy way to ensure the client keeps their fingers apart whilst the nail pol..

€0.62 Ex Tax: €0.50


Sunaura Toe Separators

These Toe Separators are designed to keep toes apart whilst toenail polish is applied, and keeps the..

€0.62 Ex Tax: €0.50


Doap Lavender and Herb Pillow Mist 50ml

Doap is an emerging natural skincare brand, with handmade, ethically-sourced, organic and sustainabl..

€15.25 Ex Tax: €12.40

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Final Touch Tinted Moisturiser - 30ml

If you're looking for a just a hint of light coverage, then the Final Touch Tinted Moisturiser is th..

€27.00 Ex Tax: €21.95


Hive Curved Nail Scissors

Hive Curved Nail Scissors are designed for gently trimming nails. With a 3cm cutting surface, these ..

€5.41 Ex Tax: €4.40


Lola Make Up - Light Touch Gift Set

Lola Make Up is an up- and coming brand with quality products at really affordable prices. Fully veg..

€30.49 Ex Tax: €24.79


Lola Makeup - Bronzer Kit

Lola Makeup is an up and coming makeup range which is aims to provide proper quality at a really aff..

€36.59 Ex Tax: €29.75


Lola Makeup - Night Time Makeup Set

Lola is an emerging make-up brand with simple, easy-to-use vegan and cruelty-free products and we're..

€28.46 Ex Tax: €23.14


PanzerGlass Antibacterial Screen Cleaner 100ml

Keep your mobile phones, tablets, PCs and laptops clean and disinfected safely with the PanzerGlass ..

€14.97 Ex Tax: €12.17

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Soap and Doap Gift Set

This lovely gift set gives you a Lavender and Herb Pillow Spray from Doap, plus a concentrated Liqui..

€32.00 Ex Tax: €26.02

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Sunaura Gift Voucher

Halloween Makeup | Special Effects Makeup | Face Painting | Body Painting | Character Mak..

€25.00 Ex Tax: €25.00

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Wild Rose Botanicals Liquid Soap 250ml

Are your hands feeling the effects of all the handwashing? These soaps are much gentler on the skin ..

€17.99 Ex Tax: €14.63

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Gentle Hand Care Kit

Be kind to your hands with this special Hand Care Kit - contains the following:Wild Rose Hand Saniti..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71


Hive Manicure Bowl

Hive Manicure Bowl is a hard plastic bowl for use during manicures. A deep bowl with insets for soak..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.50


Hive Cooling Foot Cream

The Hive Foot Cooling Cream cools and nourishes hot, tired feet. Containing extracts of honey and be..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.50