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Special Effects

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Dashbo The Dark Ultimate Palette

Dashbo The Dark Ultimate Palette has 5 fantastic dark hair tone colours, perfect if you have white o..

€19.07 Ex Tax: €15.50


Make-up International Scar Plastic 20g

Scar Plastic is designed to achieve realistic scar effects on the skin, it is of a texture and consi..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


Wire Modelling Tools - Set of 6

Kryolan's versatile set of 6 single wire-ended modelling tools has been designed for make up artists..

€20.91 Ex Tax: €17.00


Wooden Modelling Spatula - Set of 6

These modelling hand tools, are sometimes referred to as thumb tools since the thumb is often used t..

€10.70 Ex Tax: €8.70