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Essential Supplies

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Aloe Massage Glove

This aloe massage glove is a mitt which aids exfoliation of the skin, leaving it looking smooth and ..

€6.27 Ex Tax: €5.10


Body Measurements Cards

Body Measurement Cards are for recording accurate body measurements during slimming and toning treat..

€9.84 €6.15 Ex Tax: €5.00


Body Treatment Records

Body Treatment Cards are record cards detailing all relevant information that the therapist requires..

€9.84 €6.89 Ex Tax: €5.60


Electrolysis Aftercare Notes

Electrolysis Aftercare Notes are a pack of peel off notes for therapists to give to clients after an..

€8.00 €5.60 Ex Tax: €4.55


Electrolysis Cards

Electrolysis Cards are record cards detailing all relevant information that the therapist requires f..

€9.84 €6.03 Ex Tax: €4.90


Hive Cotton Buds - 200 Pack

These Cotton Buds from Hive come in packs of 200 and are essential in any salon or make-up studio. U..

€2.15 Ex Tax: €1.75


Hive Disposable Applicators - 25 Pack

These Disposable Applicators from Hive are great for working make-up artists or students, and are a ..

€2.21 Ex Tax: €1.80


Hive Disposable Lip Brushes

Hive's Disposable Lip Brushes are essential for professional make-up artists and students looking to..

€4.92 Ex Tax: €4.00


Hive Disposable Mascara Brushes - 25 Pack

The Hive Disposable Mascara Brushes are an essential part of the professional Make-up artists kit in..

€3.94 Ex Tax: €3.20

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Hive Foam Wedges

The Hive Foam Wedges are made from quality latex rubber and are wedge shaped for the application of ..

€1.11 Ex Tax: €0.90


Hive Gauze Roll - 5 Metres

This Hive Gauze Roll comes in a 5 metre length and can be cut to size required. Gauze can be useful ..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.50


Hive Purified Talc - 100g

Hive's Purified Talc is an unscented, purified talcum powder, which can be useful in a variety of di..

€6.15 Ex Tax: €5.00


Hive Witchhazel

Witchhazel is a topical astringent lotion derived from the witchhazel shrub. It has numerous uses in..

€4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50


Kryolan Make-Up Sponges (10-PK)

This pack of ten fine-pored Make-Up Sponges from Kryolan are made from high-quality Polyurethane and..

€11.07 Ex Tax: €9.00


Kryolan Rubber Pore Sponge

A necessity in any make-up artist's kit bag, this small rubber pore sponge is brilliant for shading ..

€3.08 Ex Tax: €2.50

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Majestic Couch Cover

The Majestic Couch Cover is a white elasticated couch cover which can fit most standard sized couche..

€20.91€10.46 Ex Tax: €17.00

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Majestic Towelling Slippers

Towelling Slippers are navy blue slip on slippers for use during salon treatments. Comfortable and e..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


MaqPro Paris Make-Up Sponge

This re-usable sponge is the perfect blender with both it's rounded and pointed edges. The pointed e..

€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50


Marvelbrow Micro Applicators (100 Pack)

These disposable Micro Applicators are great for when small amounts of liquid need to be accurately ..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Massage Glove

This green massage glove is a mitt which helps you exfoliate your skin, leaving it looking smooth an..

€6.15 Ex Tax: €5.00


Natural Bristle Bath Brush with Wooden Handle

The Bath Brush has a long handle and natural bristle for washing hard to reach places such as the m..

€6.77 Ex Tax: €5.50

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Natural Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponges are simple multicellular living organisms that grow on the floors of the oceans...

€3.20 Ex Tax: €2.60


Oval Beige Sponge

This small Oval Beige Sponge is made from synthetic foam material and is slightly oval shaped at one..

€1.85 Ex Tax: €1.50


Paraffin Wax 1 KG, Tea Tree & Peppermint

This 1 KG bag represents excellent value for money. Containing Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil, it i..

€9.35 €5.61 Ex Tax: €4.56


Powder Puff

This large luxury Powder Puff is great for applying loose setting powders over foundation. Soft and ..

€2.15 Ex Tax: €1.75


Ramer Mousseline Sponges

Ramer Mousseline Sponges are a pack of 4 cleansing sponges. Made from a soft flexible sponge, they a..

€8.61 Ex Tax: €7.00


Red Vein Record Cards

Red Vein Treatment Record Cards are record cards detailing all relevant information that the therapi..

Restricted €6.89 Ex Tax: €5.60

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Sunaura Cotton Discs

Sunaura Cotton Discs are superior quality cotton discs, ideal for use during salon treatments, or to..

€2.46 Ex Tax: €2.00


Sunaura Deluxe Mascara Wands (Disposable)

Sunaura Deluxe Mascara Wands are disposable wands with an extra long mascara brush. They're hugely p..

€8.61 Ex Tax: €7.00


Sunaura Heat Reflecting Emergency Blanket

Sunaura Heat Reflecting Emergency Blankets are disposable foil sheets which are used during body tre..

€24.60 Ex Tax: €20.00


Sunaura Mini Pointed Swabs - Pack of 25

Sunaura Mini Pointed Swabs are tiny cotton buds with slightly pointed ends. They're very popular wit..

€4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50


Sunaura Salon Bowl

Small Salon Bowl is a multipurpose polythene bowl for salon use. Useful for mixing, storing and appl..

€2.15 Ex Tax: €1.75


Sunaura Waterproof Couch Roll

This Waterproof Couch Roll is a disposable roll with a waterproof underside, to protect your salon c..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


Sunbed Goggles

Sunbed Goggles are used to protect the eyes from exposure to UV rays whilst using sunbeds. They are ..

€2.46 Ex Tax: €2.00


Thermo Bodywrap Bandages

Sunaura Thermo Bodywrap Bandages are thick, strong thermal bandages designed for the bodywrap system..

€166.05 Ex Tax: €135.00


Waxing Aftercare Notes

Waxing Aftercare Notes are a pack of peel off notes for therapists to give to clients after a wax tr..

€6.15 €4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50


Graftobian Sponge Daubers - Small

Graftobian Sponge Dauber is an fantastic tool for a detailed job.  These small sponge daubers a..

€3.87 Ex Tax: €3.15


Grimas Double Sharpener

A Double Sharpener from Grimas, ideal for keeping in your make-up kit for emergencies! ..

€4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50


Hive Anti-Bacterial Gel

A smooth, deep cleansing hand gel that kills germs and leaves the hands refreshed. Perfect for salon..

€3.20 Ex Tax: €2.60


Hive Blending Sponge

This Blue Blending Sponge from Hive is a fantastic quality blending sponge with an ergonomic shape t..

€6.77 Ex Tax: €5.50


Hive Petroleum Jelly

This Petroleum Jelly from Hive is a budget jelly used for various salon treatments. It's large size ..

€4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50

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Hive Salon Bowl

Available in two sizes, the Hive Salon Bowl is perfect for every day salon use, whether you're using..

€2.15€1.72 Ex Tax: €1.75


Hive Wax Equipment Cleaner

Hive Wax Equipment Cleaner is the perfect formulation for keeping your wax pot and equipment squeaky..

€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50

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Sunaura Powder Puff

Our very own Sunaura Powder Puffs are made from the finest quality black velour, with a nice amount ..

€2.15 Ex Tax: €1.75


Ur Make-Up Book

Written by Nichola Graham and Mark Totten, this book is the ultimate make-up career guide for the ma..

€27.99 Ex Tax: €22.76


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

A household staple, Vaseline's Petroleum Jelly can be used for a huge range of things, from softenin..

€2.46 Ex Tax: €2.00


Alcone Disposable Sponges - 8 Pack

Alcone Company's pack of 8 wedges are perfect for a streak free application every time. They are sof..

€3.69 Ex Tax: €3.00

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Kryolan Stipple Sponge

Kryolan Stipple Sponges are great for quickly applying special fx make-up. The Fine Stipple Sponge i..

€3.08 Ex Tax: €2.50