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MaqPro Paris Face

MaqPro Paris Face

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MaqPro Empty Eyeshadow Palettes

These empty Eyeshadow Palettes from MaqPro Paris are sturdy, compact palettes designed to hold 2, 4,..

€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50


MaqPro Empty Magnetic Palette

This empty magnetic palette from MaqPro Paris is great for keeping your individual eyeshadows and ma..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


MaqPro Paris 36 Colour Palette - PF.00

The holy grail of all make-up products, MaqPro Paris' 36 Colour Palettes is the ultimate space saver..

€485.85 Ex Tax: €395.00

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MaqPro Paris Alcohol-Free Cleaner

This is a great make-up cleaner that can be used on anyone with sensitive skin, as it contains no al..

€8.61 Ex Tax: €7.00


MaqPro Paris Argan Oil Eye Makeup Remover 60ml

MaqPro Paris's Eye Make-Up Remover contains Argan Oil, which is an extremely gentle oil that easily ..

€31.61 Ex Tax: €25.70


MaqPro Paris Base Strobe - 125ml

MaqPro Paris' Base Strobe is an incredible primer that creates a strobe effect under your foundation..

€91.02 Ex Tax: €74.00

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MaqPro Paris Blusher

MaqPro Paris's Blusher is perfect for applying to your cheeks for a healthy glow. Gives you easily b..

€14.76 Ex Tax: €12.00

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MaqPro Paris Bronzer

MaqPro Paris's Bronzer is a carefully selected matte colour to add bronzing to pale skintones. It gi..

€14.76 Ex Tax: €12.00

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MaqPro Paris Brush Cleaner

This MaqPro brush cleaner easily removes even the most stubborn product from your brush, including l..

€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00


MaqPro Paris Corrector Trio

This pocket-sized Corrector Trio from MaqPro Paris is made from their incredible Fard Crème formulat..

€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00

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MaqPro Paris Glitter

Available in ten shades, MaqPro Paris' Glitter is made from only the highest quality polyester, so t..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


MaqPro Paris HD Powder

One of the most finely-milled of all powders on the market today, the ultrafine HD Powder from MaqPr..

€49.20 Ex Tax: €40.00

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MaqPro Paris Highlighter

MaqPro Paris' Highlighter instantly radiates and lifts your complexion-- simply add to your cheek bo..

€19.99 Ex Tax: €16.25


MaqPro Paris Loose Powder

MaqPro Paris's classic Loose Powder is a high quality, finely milled powder in a fair shade that can..

€25.83 Ex Tax: €21.00

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MaqPro Paris Make-Up Mixer

A very versatile product, MaqPro Paris' Make-Up Mixer is a must-have for any kit bag. Not only can i..

€22.14 Ex Tax: €18.00


MaqPro Paris Mat Make-up Panstick Light Grey 15ml

This MaqPro Paris'  Pansticks have a lasting power of up to 8 hours, and is perfect for the rig..

€27.06 €13.53 Ex Tax: €11.00


MaqPro Paris Pure Pearl Illuminator

MaqPro Paris's Pure Pearl Illuminator is a colourless gel which, when applied in small amounts, give..

€40.59 Ex Tax: €33.00


MaqPro Paris Smoothing Primer

MaqPro Paris' Smoothing Primer  is an absolutely gorgeous dimethicone-based primer designed to ..

€45.51 Ex Tax: €37.00

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MaqPro Paris Star Powder

MaqPro Paris' Star Powders are lovely, iridescent powders which we now have in twelve different colo..

€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00


MaqPro Paris 10 Colour Slimeline Palette-PP.33

These 10 colour palettes from MaqPro Paris are the ultimate space-saver for your kit! These palettes..

€31.98 Ex Tax: €26.00

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MaqPro Paris Camouflage Foundation Palette

These 8-colour Foundation Palettes from Maq Pro Paris are full coverage foundations that also double..

€132.84 Ex Tax: €108.00

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MaqPro Paris Creamy Full Coverage Base 5ml

MaqPro Paris Creamy Full Coverage is a user friendly product because of it's unique formula - i..

€26.45 Ex Tax: €21.50


MaqPro Paris Diluent 60ml

MaqPro Paris Diluent 60ml is a very special and unique product from MaqPro. Add 1-2 drops to your fa..

€31.61 Ex Tax: €25.70


MaqPro Paris Flash Prolift 5ml

MaqPro Paris Flash Prolift is a flash balm which is designed to instantly reduce eye-bags and puffin..

€59.04 Ex Tax: €48.00


MaqPro Paris HD Natural 6 Colour Palette

MaqPro Paris' HD Natural is made up of a lighter, creamier formulation than the wax-based Fard Crème..

€110.70 Ex Tax: €90.00


MaqPro Paris Makeup Remover Stick 15ml

MaqPro Paris Makeup Remover Stick is a handy twist up remover for all type of makeup including both ..

€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00