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Professional Line

Mila d'Opiz's "Professional Line" is a collection of skincare products tailored for professional use, typically targeted towards skincare professionals, aestheticians, and beauty salons. These products are formulated with advanced ingredients and technologies to address various skin concerns and provide effective results. 

The "Professional Line" comprises products that are formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients, specialized formulas, or advanced delivery systems, making them suitable for professional skincare treatments. The range may include a diverse selection of products designed to address specific skin concerns, such as aging, dryness, sensitivity, acne, hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone.

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Cell-Tox Concentrate -15ml

The Cell-Tox Serum from Mila d'Opiz is the perfect alternative to Botox (Botulinum Toxin A). In the ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €14.30


Classics Collagen Fleece Mask (Pack of 5)

These Collagen Masks from Mila d'Opiz are A4 in size and come in a pack of five. They are activated ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €59.71


Dermascience Enzyme Peeling - 25g

Mila d'Opiz's Dermascience Enzyme Peeling is a gentle peeling powder suitable for all skin types inc..

Restricted Ex Tax: €17.17


Mila d'Opiz Phoresis Gel - 150ml

The Phoresis Gel is a professional product from Mila d'opiz and is the ideal Concentrate Collection ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €12.70


Mila d'Opiz Swiss Plant Mask Sachet - 300g

The Swiss Plant Mask is a dry powder mask containing  Avena Sativa (Oatmeal), which is anti-inf..

Restricted Ex Tax: €67.30


Phyto de Luxe Gold Essence Concentrate (Professional) - 15ml

The Phyto Gold Essence from Mila d'Opiz is a concentrated serum used to prevent ageing of the skin ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €42.75


Phyto de Luxe Treatment Kit (5 Facials)

This Treatment Kit from the Phyto De Luxe range contains all the ingredients you need to give your c..

Restricted Ex Tax: €85.15


Skin Clear Glyco Peel 7% Exfoliant Solution - 125ml

A mild Glycolic Peel, suitable for most skin types (apart from sensitive skin!), it contains a varie..

Restricted Ex Tax: €15.20


Swiss Alpine Flowers Tonic - 500ml

The Swiss Alpine Flowers Tonic is a professional tonic with a pleasantly fresh scent of alpine flowe..

Restricted Ex Tax: €27.40


Swiss Wellness Retro Body Scrub Cream (Professional) - 500ml

This exfoliating Body Scrub Cream from Mila d'Opiz is a treatment designed to leave skin feeling ext..

Restricted Ex Tax: €26.30


Swiss Wellness Soft Body Lotion (Professional) - 500ml

The Swiss Wellness Soft Body Lotion is the ultimate moisturising body care-- fresh, ultra-smooth and..

Restricted Ex Tax: €27.90


The Vegan Green Caviar Concentrate Salon - 15ml

The  Vegan Green Caviar Concentrate utilises the high levels of vitamins and minerals extracte..

Restricted Ex Tax: €18.50


Acerola Peel Off Mask (Pack of 12)

Peel of mask | Pack of 12Get in touch with Sunaura for Professional Makeup Products at affordable pr..

Restricted Ex Tax: €73.95


Balancing Mousse Mask (Pack of 12)

The Balancing Mousse Mask from Mila d'Opiz is a powder mask that is mixed with warm water to create ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €73.95


Hyaluronic4 Booster Mask 20g

Mila d'Opiz's Hyaluronic4 Booster Mask is a fleece mask designed to deeply hydrate and nourish the s..

Restricted Ex Tax: €8.98


Hyaluronic4 Concentrate Salon - 15ml

The Hyaluronic4 Concentrate from Mila d’Opiz contains 4 molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, low, m..

Restricted Ex Tax: €18.50


Mila d'Opiz Massage Cream - 240ml

The Mila d'Opiz Professional Massage Cream contains Shea Butter and Mango Stone Butter and is ideal ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €29.00


Phoresis Gel Mask Step 1 (Pack of 12)

This exciting revolutionary new Professional Mask from Mila d'Opiz  is a  two step peel of..

Restricted Ex Tax: €67.20


Phoresis Gel Mask Step 2 (Pack of 12)

The Mila d'Opiz Phoresis Gel Mask Step 2 must be used in conjunction with Phoresis Gel Mask Step 1 a..

Restricted Ex Tax: €55.80


Skin Clear Neutralising Lotion - 150ml

The Mila Professional Neutralising Lotion is used during Glycolic Peel Facials to neutralise glycoli..

Restricted Ex Tax: €14.85


Skin Whisperer Luxury Whisperer Kit

These Luxury Whisperer Kits are part of a professional line of products from Mila d'Opiz and is desi..

Restricted Ex Tax: €152.20


Skin Whisperer Stemcell Mask 20g

Mila d'Opiz Skin Whisperer Stemcell Mask is a professional treatment mask which harnesses the power ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €11.71


Swiss Wellness Cellulite Firming Lotion 500ml

Mila d'Opiz Cellulite Firming Lotion is a skincare product designed to target and reduce the appeara..

Restricted Ex Tax: €38.63