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WM Creations by Matthew Mungle

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WM Creations Old Age Stipple - 60ml

WM Creations Old Age StippleGet In Touch With Sunaura, Ben Nye Makeup SuppliersExperts In Profession..

€28.91 Ex Tax: €23.50


WM Creations Scar Material

WM Creations Scar Material is an acetone based thick plastic material that is perfect for creating ..

€43.67 Ex Tax: €35.50

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WM Creations Sealer

WM Creations Sealer is a 95% Alcohol-based liquid plastic. We currently stock four different kinds: ..

€22.76 Ex Tax: €18.50

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WM Creations Spirit Gum

WM Creations Spirit Gum is the mostly widely-used spirit gum in the industry, and is used for the ap..

€27.68 Ex Tax: €22.50


WM Creations Stacolor Character Palette

Matthew Mungle's Character Palette contains 22 alcohol-activated colours and can be used for a wide ..

€110.70 Ex Tax: €90.00


WM Creations Stacolour Full Colour Palette

This alcohol-activated palette from Matthew Mungle is hugely popular with make-up artists on set, as..

€110.70 Ex Tax: €90.00


WM Creations Bondo 2oz

Bondo is a sticky putty that can be used to fill small gaps, as an adhesive, and to make flat molds...

€44.28 Ex Tax: €36.00

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WM Creations Glue Holder

These Glue Holders from WM Creations are great for when you're applying prosthetic appliances or wig..

€31.98 Ex Tax: €26.00


WM Creations Makeup Brush Holder

Sunaura MakeupGet In Touch With Sunaura, WM Creations Brushes Suppliers#1 Professional Beauty & ..

€39.36 Ex Tax: €32.00