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PhD Safewax

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PhD Bonded Fibre Strips

PhD Bonded Fibre Strips are slightly smaller than the average Paper Strip to allow them to sit in t..

€4.78 Ex Tax: €3.89


PhD Honey Wax

The most popular PhD Wax we have, the PhD Honey Wax is sold in batches of 16 x 70 ml tubes per box. ..


PhD Micro Applicators - Blue

These Blue Micro Applicators are designed for use on the face-- they have a tiny opening which allow..


PhD Mini Applicators - Pink

These Pink Mini Applicators are designed for use in the under-arm area or the bikini line. What's gr..


PhD Promotional Postcards

This fifty-pack of Promotional Postcards are great for getting the word out there about PhD Safewax...


PhD Safewax Complete Starter Kit

Looking for a new waxing system to use in your salon? PhD Safewax is a professional and hygienic wax..


PhD Safewax Moulded Waxing Trolley

The PhD Safewax Trolley is designed to fit your PhD Heater on the top, with two drawers and two shel..


PhD Standard Applicators - White

These White Applicators are the standard sized Applicators for PhD Safewax. What's great is they're ..


PhD Tea Tree Creme Wax

Tea Tree is known for its anti-septic properties and is incorporated into this crème wax formula. Da..