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Mouldlife Life Casting Alginate - 500g - SLOW SET

Mouldlife's Lifecasting Alginate is a super fine alginate that offers a smooth, lump-free consistenc..

€13.31 Ex Tax: €11.00

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Mouldlife Platsil Gel 10

Mouldlife's Platsil Gel-10 is a two-part silicone kit which has been used by top make-up artists in ..

€99.22 Ex Tax: €82.00

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Mouldlife Sculpt Gel

Mouldlife's Sculpt Gel is a three-part silicone system that enables you to create realistic scars, c..

€65.34 Ex Tax: €54.00


Mouldlife Baldiez - 500ml

Mouldlife's Baldiez was developed to create professional bald caps, but it can also be used as an en..

€41.75 Ex Tax: €34.50


Mouldlife Life Wipes Pack of 20

Mouldlife Life Wipe - Skin Adhesive Removing Wipe - Easy and hygienic cleaning of prosthetic adhesiv..

€8.71 Ex Tax: €7.20


Mouldlife Platsil Gel 25

Mouldlife Platsil Gel 25 is a 2-part silicone kit for creating moulds. This has an exceptionally low..

€99.22 Ex Tax: €82.00


Mouldlife Super Baldiez Encapsulator 500ml

Super Baldiez is a great product from Mouldlife which can be used as Bald Cap Plastic (so you can ma..

€41.75 Ex Tax: €34.50


Mouldlife Super Baldiez Spray 400ml

Super Spray Baldiez has two functions  - make a bald cap and to help with the application of pr..

€14.52 Ex Tax: €12.00