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Croll & Denecke

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Aloe Massage Glove

This aloe massage glove is a mitt which aids exfoliation of the skin, leaving it looking smooth and ..

€6.27 €2.00 Ex Tax: €1.63


Christmas Tree Sponge

These novelty Sponges are shaped like Christmas Trees and are soft, absorbent and an ideal little st..

€1.23 Ex Tax: €1.00


Double Sharpener

This is a double sharpener for paring make up pencils, it can sharpen both standard sized pencils an..

€3.08 €2.15 Ex Tax: €1.75


Mask Removing Sponge

The set of two mask removing sponges are oval in shape and slightly porous in composition. This allo..

€2.46 Ex Tax: €2.00


Massage Glove

This green massage glove is a mitt which helps you exfoliate your skin, leaving it looking smooth an..

€6.15 Ex Tax: €5.00


Natural Bristle Bath Brush with Wooden Handle

The Bath Brush has a long handle and natural bristle for washing hard to reach places such as the m..

€6.77 Ex Tax: €5.50

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Natural Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponges are simple multicellular living organisms that grow on the floors of the oceans...

€3.20 Ex Tax: €2.60


Oval Beige Sponge

This small Oval Beige Sponge is made from synthetic foam material and is slightly oval shaped at one..

€1.85 €1.11 Ex Tax: €0.90


Powder Puff

This large luxury Powder Puff is great for applying loose setting powders over foundation. Soft and ..

€2.15 Ex Tax: €1.75



A single sharpener for paring make up pencils. Make up sharpeners are less sharp than standard penci..

€3.69 €2.58 Ex Tax: €2.10

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