Ireland’s largest collection of film-quality make-up, for all artistic film departments

We are Ireland’s largest supplier of film make-up. We are conveniently located about 15 minutes’ drive from both Ashford Studios and Ardmore Studios, and very close to many of the other small studios around Dublin. We can deliver to local sets in an emergency, and we can easily ship nationwide on a next-day basis. Local artists can also drop into our showrooms to browse and buy directly. We also supply international productions on a next-day or less urgent basis.

Some of the larger productions that we have helped over the years have included Vikings, Penny Dreadful, Ripper Street, Byzantium, Love/Hate, Fair City, Red Rock, Moone Boy, Quirke, Charlie, Foyles War, Jimmy’s Hall, Child 44, and The Lobster, to name a few. We welcome all productions, both large and small. Many of Ireland’s top film artists are our regular customers, and we are delighted that they rely on us to supply their departments.

We stock items suitable for all of the artistic film departments, including make-up, prosthetics, hair, costume, art, set design, props and model-making. We have a wide range of postiche and prosthetic materials, beauty and special effects make-up, skincare and even handy here.

We carry a wide range of alcohol-activated palettes, from Skin Illustrator, Reel Creations, Bluebird FX and Matthew Mungle (Stacolor by WM Creations), as well as Skin Illustrator Liquids, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in a range of sizes, and the Skin Illustrator Activator and Slow Activator (which is particularly great for hot and humid conditions!)

We are the only Official Irish Distributor for MaqPro Paris (also known as Le Maquillage Professionnel). Our customers introduced us to this brand because the wax-based Fard Crème palettes and the Make-up Mixer are must-haves in the film industry but there is a lot much more to the brand than just Fard Crème. We are constantly expanding our collection of this excellent film-quality make-up brand, due to demand, so it is worth regularly browsing the selection. For a big production, it is also possible to design your own customised palettes of colours and textures (subject to minimum order of 24 palettes), which can include any or all of the foundations and lip products in any shade you could want.

Our range of bloods and dirts includes some of the most highly respected film brands, such as Fleet Street & Dirtworks and Maekup by Dave Stoneman. We have mouth bloods, eye bloods, blood capsules, blood pumps, blood powder, liquid bloods, congealed bloods, waterproof bloods, beaded and non-beaded bloods, pus, blister, scar material and everything else you can think of! We have Plasma Soap to wash off the blood, and a wide range of removers for everything else. Our dirt range includes the ever-popular Dirtworks Grime Sprays and powders, plus Maekup dropper dirt, Instant Dirt, Rubber Dust, Tar, Charred paste, Ben Nye Ash and Charcoal Powders, Slime, Soot, and Waterproof Dirt Gel. Many of these are also suited to Hair and Costume, and we have some economical sizes for Set Design and Props.

For postiche and wigs/beards, we have knotting hooks and handles, theatrical hair colour and sprays, moustache waxes, Reel Creations Whisker Fixer (great for rainy days), alcohol-activated hair palettes, and gafquat. We also have many of the most popular film-quality glues, such as KD151, Joe Blasco, Telesis, Snappy G, Bluebird FX, and WM Creations (by Matthew Mungle), and the full range of the very sturdy Matthew Mungle glue and brush holders (as well as brushes suitable for glue within our Sunaura Brush collection).

For prosthetics and model-making we have the highest quality gelatine from Dave Stoneman, plus Plastsil Gel, SculptGel and 3rd Degree silicone kits, as well as Chavant Clay, alginate, gel-foam, Pros-Aide (original, cream and no-tack), and Kryosil (a cabosil substitute without the fumes). We also carry bald caps and cap-making materials.

Our Sunaura Brushes have been used on many top film productions, and you can read all about them here.

We’re always getting more exciting new products to supplement this list so please feel free to suggest things to us if you think we’re missing anything, and don’t forget to sign up for our discounts and our monthly newsletters, to stay up to date with all our new products.