High definition French make-up which lasts all day

A cult favourite from France, MaqPro Paris is a make-up range that is much-loved amongst professional make-up artists due to the versatility and blendability of these unique products. Used by world famous make-up artists such as Pat McGrath and Val Garland, MaqPro Paris has been used on thousands of productions including Game of Thrones, Vikings, Casino Royal, House of Cards, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more.

MaqPro originates in Paris, and their products are designed and manufactured entirely in France, with French materials, which has made them the first cosmetic brand to receive the "Origine France Garantie" label. It is only obtained after strict checking and guidelines, so this label guarantees users the product is authentically French-- something no other French cosmetic company can claim!

MaqPro was founded when legendary French make-up artist Michel Deruelle collaborated with cosmetics expert Pierre Brunner and his wife, Nine. These days, MaqPro is led by Nine in collaboration with her two sons; Pierre Brunner Jr is the technical director and manages the factory where the products are manufactured, whilst Alain Brunner is the Artistic Director and Head of Special Effects, and is also the host of their showroom in Paris.

Thirty years on, MaqPro’s core concept remains: product quality, traditional methods of production, constant creativity and team spirit are the core values of MaqPro Paris.

Fard Creme MaqPro’s high end classic based on natural wax

MaqPro Paris’ oldest and most popular formulation, the Fard Creme, is a wax-based formulation that has a lasting power of up to 15 hours, so it’s perfect for the rigorous demands of HD film and TV, as well as for bridal and fashion make-up. As it is wax-based, the Fard Creme will last for decades in your kit, and is stable even in extreme hot/cold conditions.

Fard Creme can be used in so many different ways, whether you need a foundation, concealer, creme blush, lipstick, even for SF make-up!

What we love about the Fard Creme is it’s available in so many different forms and colours. There are more than hundred colours produced in the Fard Creme formulation, and we keep nearly thirty of them in stock in our individual pansticks, while we have many, many more colours available in our Fard Creme palettes! Available in 3, 6, 10 and even 36 colour sizes, the Fard Creme palettes are super popular with pro make-up artists, as they are great for kit bags.

Le Maquillage Professionnel

Even more professional make-up from MaqPro Paris

While MaqPro Paris is perhaps most well-known for their Fard Creme products, they have hundreds of other products which are just as fantastic. The Make-Up Mixer is an iconic and versatile 4-in-1 product, and the Pure Pearl is its shimmery sister. If you want a creamier foundation than the Fard Creme, for quick application, try the HD Natural for dry skin, HD Puff for oily skin, or Camouflage Make-Up for fuller coverage. We have many lip, eye and foundation palettes that are small and light for kit bags, and some of them are exclusive to Sunaura. Whether you’re looking for foundations, eyeshadows, powders, lipsticks or even bronzers, you can rest assured that MaqPro has the perfect product to suit you.

We also have a very practical MaqPro make-up stand, which would be perfect in salons or colleges, and we have several different MaqPro starter kits for students or professionals. We can offer generous reseller discounts for salons and beauty studios, making this an ideal brand for retailing. Contact us for more information.