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Covermark Foundation

Covermark Foundation is one of the original professional camouflage foundations and for good reason!..

€31.37€7.85 Ex Tax: €25.50


Double Sharpener

This is a double sharpener for paring make up pencils, it can sharpen both standard sized pencils an..

€3.08 €2.15 Ex Tax: €1.75


Grimas Eyelash Adhesive

A transparent eyelash adhesive for Grimas, used for gluing strip and individual eyelashes. To apply,..

€5.54 €3.87 Ex Tax: €3.15


Hive Petroleum Jelly

This Petroleum Jelly from Hive is a budget jelly used for various salon treatments. It's large size ..

€4.31 €3.01 Ex Tax: €2.45

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KD 151 Tattoo Pen

These unique Tattoo Pens from KD 151 offer you a huge variety of colours to choose from, including T..

€29.52€20.66 Ex Tax: €24.00

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Kryolan Eyeshadow Compact

This creamy pressed eyeshadow from Kryolan is a colour intensive and long-lasting eyeshadow, that fe..

€12.30€8.61 Ex Tax: €10.00


Kryolan Gel-Foam - 200g

Kryolan's Gel-Foam is a gelatin foam used to create small facial appliances that look like human ski..

€60.27 Ex Tax: €49.00


Leichner Grease Paint Stick

Leichner's Greasepaint Stick is an oil-based grease paint that can be used to colour the skin. As th..

€11.07 €7.75 Ex Tax: €6.30

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Maekup Bloody Real

A HD-ready, non-staining, non-beading, non-sticky blood from Maekup. Perfect for use in squibs and b..

€9.84 Ex Tax: €8.00

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Maekup Dried Dirt (Quick Dry)

A quick-drying Dried Dirt effect from Maekup. It produces dried, caked-on dirt effects on the skin, ..

€12.30€8.61 Ex Tax: €10.00


Maekup Gelatine Flow Promoter and Softener - 30ml

Maekup's Gelatine Flow Promoter is a cosmetic-grade solvent, designed to be added to Maekup Gelatine..

€6.15 €4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50


MaqPro Paris Lip Primer

This Lip Primer from MaqPro Paris is a necessity in your make-up bag, as it preps and primes your li..

€29.52 €13.28 Ex Tax: €10.80


Massage Glove

This green massage glove is a mitt which helps you exfoliate your skin, leaving it looking smooth an..

€6.15 Ex Tax: €5.00


Oval Beige Sponge

This small Oval Beige Sponge is made from synthetic foam material and is slightly oval shaped at one..

€1.85 €1.11 Ex Tax: €0.90

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RCMA Artificial Tears and Perspiration

This specially compounded, Glycerine-based product from RCMA is an absolutely essential addition to ..

€116.85€81.80 Ex Tax: €95.00


Rubis Box Dragon Set

This box set comes with a pair of Rubis Gold-Plated Scissors and Rubis Gold-Plated Slanted Tweezers...

€86.10 €60.27 Ex Tax: €49.00


Rubis Combi Set

The Rubis Combi Set included a stainless steel pair of scissors with one of Rubis' most popular twee..

€75.03 €52.52 Ex Tax: €42.70


Rubis Nail Clippers

These super strong Nail Clippers from Rubis are made from stainless steel-- with the right care, the..

€39.36 €27.55 Ex Tax: €22.40



A single sharpener for paring make up pencils. Make up sharpeners are less sharp than standard penci..

€3.69 €2.58 Ex Tax: €2.10

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Viseart Crème Foundation

We are lucky enough to have a couple of Viseart Powder Compact Foundations available for a limited t..

€67.65€54.12 Ex Tax: €55.00


WM Creations EZ Scar Kit

WM Creations EZ Scar Kit is an effective and simply way to create realistic scars, wounds and skin b..

€75.03 €37.52 Ex Tax: €30.50


Hive Lash Papers

Hive Lash Tinting Papers are used to protect the clients skin during lash treatment. The papers are ..

€6.15 €4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50


Kryolan Dry Powder - 500g

Kryolan Dry Powder is a finely ground dry black powder used for make up effects. It can be used to s..

€56.58 €39.61 Ex Tax: €32.20

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Kryolan Living Colour

Kryolan's HD Living Colour are vibrant loose pigments that come in a massive range of intensive colo..

€20.91€10.46 Ex Tax: €17.00

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Kryolan Micro Skinliner

Kryolan's Micro Skinliners are a semi-permanent pen, which are available in a range of colours. Can ..

€15.99€8.00 Ex Tax: €13.00


Nimba Creations - Zombie Bite

This horrific Zombie Bite prosthetic from Nimba Creations is a gruesome appliance full of depth and ..

€54.12 €27.06 Ex Tax: €22.00


Snappy G Adhesive

The best adhesive you can get for applying silicone appliances to the skin, Snappy G Adhesive adhere..

€60.27 €24.60 Ex Tax: €20.00


WM Creations Scab Material

This Scab Material from Matthew Mungle's WM Creation line of SFX products is a pigmented, silicone-b..

€67.65 €33.83 Ex Tax: €27.50

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