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Aloe Massage Glove

This aloe massage glove is a mitt which aids exfoliation of the skin, leaving it looking smooth and ..

€6.27 €4.39 Ex Tax: €3.57

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Ben Nye Character Base

Ben Nye's Character Base make-up offers full coverage in realistic, muted shades that create the per..

€9.84€6.64 Ex Tax: €8.00

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Ben Nye Classic Powders

Available in a wide range of colours to suit all skin tones, including: Fair, Topaz, Chestnut, Coco ..

€15.99€11.19 Ex Tax: €13.00


Hive Emery Boards

Hive Emery Boards are medium grain emery boards for filing and shaping nails. They come in a pack of..

€1.85 €1.29 Ex Tax: €1.05


Hive Jumbo Emery Boards

Hive Jumbo Emery Boards are a larger medium grade emery board for filing and shaping nails. If you f..

€1.85 €1.29 Ex Tax: €1.05

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KD 151 Tattoo Pen

These unique Tattoo Pens from KD 151 offer you a huge variety of colours to choose from, including T..

€29.52€20.66 Ex Tax: €24.00

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Kryolan Lipstick

Designed for professional beauty application, these Lipsticks from Kryolan feel soft and velvety on ..

€13.53€9.47 Ex Tax: €11.00


Mehron 8-colour Cheek Powder Palette

Combining all of your favourite cheek powders, the Mehron Cheek Palette would make for a brilliant g..

€59.04 €47.23 Ex Tax: €38.40


Nimba Creations - Severed Finger

Made from unpainted gelatine, this Severed Finger from Nimba Creations would be brilliant for leavin..

€24.60 €17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00


Nimba Creations - Zombie Bite

This horrific Zombie Bite prosthetic from Nimba Creations is a gruesome appliance full of depth and ..

€54.12 €37.88 Ex Tax: €30.80


Rubis Box Dragon Set

This box set comes with a pair of Rubis Gold-Plated Scissors and Rubis Gold-Plated Slanted Tweezers...

€86.10 €60.27 Ex Tax: €49.00


Rubis Combi Set

The Rubis Combi Set included a stainless steel pair of scissors with one of Rubis' most popular twee..

€75.03 €52.52 Ex Tax: €42.70


Rubis Nail Clippers

These super strong Nail Clippers from Rubis are made from stainless steel-- with the right care, the..

€39.36 €27.55 Ex Tax: €22.40


Salon System S Color Makeup Kit

The Salon System S Color Make-Up kit is a 46 piece professional make-up kit. It's designed for stude..

€172.20 €40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52



A single sharpener for paring make up pencils. Make up sharpeners are less sharp than standard penci..

€3.69 €2.58 Ex Tax: €2.10


Snappy G Adhesive

The best adhesive you can get for applying silicone appliances to the skin, Snappy G Adhesive adhere..

€60.27 €42.19 Ex Tax: €34.30

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Viseart Crème Foundation

We are lucky enough to have a couple of Viseart Powder Compact Foundations available for a limited t..

€67.65€54.12 Ex Tax: €55.00


WM Creations EZ Scar Kit

WM Creations EZ Scar Kit is an effective and simply way to create realistic scars, wounds and skin b..

€75.03 €52.52 Ex Tax: €42.70


WM Creations Scab Material

This Scab Material from Matthew Mungle's WM Creation line of SFX products is a pigmented, silicone-b..

€67.65 €47.36 Ex Tax: €38.50


Sunaura Empty Black Wallet (holds 12 brushes)

This is a gorgeous, black, faux-leather brush wallet, capable of holding up to twelve brushes very c..

€19.68 €9.84 Ex Tax: €8.00


Sunaura Empty Black Wallet (holds 6 brushes)

This black brush wallet is made from a gorgeous faux-leather and can hold up to six brushes comforta..

€13.53 €6.77 Ex Tax: €5.50


Woochie Mutant Spike Prosthetic

Create a horrific, symmetrical horned effect with Woochie's Mustant Spike prosthetic! Contains six p..

€19.68 €13.78 Ex Tax: €11.20


Woochie Steampunk Set

Look just like you walked out of an alternative 19th century with Woochie's Steampunk Prosthetic. Co..

€14.15 €9.85 Ex Tax: €8.01

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