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Sunaura Badgerlon Foundation Brush Set (2 Brushes)

This Brush Set is made up of our two Foundation Brushes. Made with Badgerlon Hair (which is finest q..

€30.25 Ex Tax: €25.00


Sunaura Bent Sable Detailing Brush, Size 1

This brush, made from our finest Sable hair, has an angled ferrule to help with precise, detailed ap..

€10.89 Ex Tax: €9.00


Sunaura Blusher Brush (Super Goat Hair)

Handmade with Super Goat Hair, this Blusher Brush has a round, soft head, ideal for applying blushes..

€16.34 Ex Tax: €13.50


Sunaura Deluxe Mascara Brush

This Deluxe Mascara Wand is the perfect mascara brush for professional make-up artists! It's super l..

€4.84 Ex Tax: €4.00


Sunaura Face Brush (White Pony Hair)

This Classic Foundation Brush is handmade in Ireland, with excellent hair retention properties. It's..

€22.39 Ex Tax: €18.50


Sunaura Fan Powder Duster Brush

This Fan Powder Duster Brush is made of the finest White Pony Hair, and is perfect for applying the ..

€24.20 Ex Tax: €20.00


Sunaura Large Foundation Brush

Handmade with the finest synthetic hair-- Badgerlon-- this is a Large Foundation Brush, specially de..

€18.15 Ex Tax: €15.00


Sunaura Large Pencil Brush

The Large Pencil Brush is made from Pony Hair, and is hand-glued into a pencil shape for precise sha..

€13.31 Ex Tax: €11.00


Sunaura Medium Duo-Fibre Brush

Our Duo Fibre Brushes are made with both real and synthetic hair. This is the Large size, and is per..

€26.62 Ex Tax: €22.00


Sunaura Medium Powder Brush (Super Goat Hair)

Made from the highest quality Super Goat Hair, this brush is designed to apply powder expertly. Our ..

€22.99 Ex Tax: €19.00


Sunaura Sable Contouring Brush Set (2 Brushes)

If you've been eyeing up our two Sable Contouring Brushes, then this is the Brush Set for you. It in..

€93.17 Ex Tax: €77.00


Sunaura Slanted Firm Liner (Badgerlon Hair)

The Slanted Firm Liner is one of our favourite brushes. Made from the finest synthetic Badgerlon, it..

€8.47 Ex Tax: €7.00


Sunaura Small Badgerlon Brush Set

This is a great value set of our seven Badgerlon Brushes-- Sizes 0, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 are includ..

€35.09 Ex Tax: €29.00