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Disposable Face Masks (25 or 50) BFE 95%

These disposable face masks are high quality barrier masks that are intended as single-use protectio..

€39.21€9.80 Ex Tax: €31.88


Disposable Mascara Brushes, Bamboo Handles

These Disposable Mascara Brushes from Hive of Beauty have bamboo wood handles which make them more e..

€3.32 Ex Tax: €2.70


EasyDry Disposable Compostable Gowns (30-pack)

Disposable and compostable gowns perfect for the use in busy hair and or beauty salons. Great t..

€62.73 Ex Tax: €51.00


Graftobian Paper Palette Pads (36)

Graftobian Paper Palette Pads are a great way for mixing foundations and products hygienically and c..

€4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50


Hive PVC Couch Cover

This plastic couch cover fits over a massage or beauty couch to protect it from spills and to keep i..

€23.37 Ex Tax: €19.00

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JAO Hand Sanitiser

Jao Hand Sanitiser is so much more than just a hand sanitiser. It's a disinfectant and aromatherapy ..

€8.98 Ex Tax: €7.30


PanzerGlass Antibacterial Screen Cleaner 100ml

Keep your mobile phones, tablets, PCs and laptops clean and disinfected safely with the PanzerGlass ..

€14.97 Ex Tax: €12.17

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Sunaura Powder Puff

Our very own Sunaura Powder Puffs are made from the finest quality black velour, with a nice amount ..

€2.15 Ex Tax: €1.75


Ve's Favorite Brushes - Small Brush Canister

Makeup Brushes By Oscar Award Winner Ve Neill | Makeup Brush Cannister Get in touch with Sunaura for..

€25.41 Ex Tax: €20.66

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Wild Rose Botanicals Liquid Soap 250ml

Are your hands feeling the effects of all the handwashing? These soaps are much gentler on the skin ..

€17.99 Ex Tax: €14.63


MUA Paddle Point Applicators Pack of 75

The paddle point cotton swabs are two sided with one side being a point that is  great for fine..

€3.69 Ex Tax: €3.00


Zimples Disposable Compostable Towels 75 pack

These Zimples disposable towels, by Easydry, are 100% biodegradable and break down in just 12 weeks...

€28.29 Ex Tax: €23.00


Easydry Disposable Compostable Thermal Towels 60 pack

The Easydry disposable thermal towels are 100% biodegradable and break down in just 12 weeks. These ..

€20.91 Ex Tax: €17.00