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Alcohol Basics Kit

Looking to start using alcohol-activated palettes? Our Alcohol Basics Kit is a great introduction to..

€86.40 Ex Tax: €70.24

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Glatzan Bald Cap

Made by Kryolan, the Glatzen Bald Cap is made from tear-resistant Glatzen Plastic, and is thin, but ..

€27.06 Ex Tax: €22.00


Grimas Prosthetic - Quasimodo Eye

An eerily authentic Foam Latex prosthetic modelled after Quasimodo-- the Hunchback of Notre-Dame! Fo..

€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00


Grimas Prosthetic - Werewolf Nose

The Grimas Latex Werewolf Nose is a flesh-coloured appliance with an angry-looking snout. Foam Latex..

€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00

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Kryolan Cinewax

Kryolan's Cinewax is a non-sticky, pale wax with excellent adhesion properties. Can be used to block..

€11.69 Ex Tax: €9.50

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Kryolan Wound Filler

This jelly-like substance from Kryolan is great for adding dimension and texture to open wounds, giv..

€13.22 Ex Tax: €10.75


SFX Starter Kit

This kit contains everything you need to begin making special effects make-up! - Kryolan Liquid..

€48.99 Ex Tax: €39.83


Skin Illustrator Zombie Palette

Used on the film Dawn of the Dead, this Skin Illustrator Zombie Palette is just what you need to col..

€108.24 Ex Tax: €88.00


Woochie Elven Ear Tips

Created from high quality latex, this pair of Elven Ear Tips simply sit on top of your ears to creat..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50

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Woochie Witch Nose

Woochie's Witch Nose appliance is a lightweight latex piece that features a crooked bridge, pointed ..

€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50


Ben Nye Red, White & Black Wheel

How handy is this wheel? The three most useful wound colours of all, all in a handy Ben Nye creme wh..

€28.30 Ex Tax: €23.01

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Sunaura Gift Voucher

Why not treat yourself or your loved one?If the amount that you want to spend is not an option in th..

€25.00 Ex Tax: €25.00


Woochie Antlers - Small

These latex Antlers by Woochie are a great addition to a faun/deer Halloween costume! Pre-painted to..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Woochie Devil Ears

Finish off your devilish make-up look with these Devil Ear tips from Woochie. They come pre-painted ..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Mehron 3D Gel

Mehron's 3D Gel is a gelatin-based liquid designed for creating realistic skin and prosthetic pieces..

€15.38 Ex Tax: €12.50

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Sunaura Crepe Hair

Sunaura Crepe Hair is traditional crepe wool available in a wide variety of colours, and can be used..

€7.96 Ex Tax: €6.47


Woochie Bald Cap (Latex)

This Bald Cap from Woochie is made from high quality latex and includes instructions for the best fi..

€15.38 Ex Tax: €12.50


Woochie Steampunk Set

Look just like you walked out of an alternative 19th century with Woochie's Steampunk Prosthetic. Co..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Woochie Unicorn Horn

Become a unicorn with Woochie's latest latex prosthetic! This fake unicorn horn comes pre-painted an..

€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50