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Dashbo Silver Fox Ultimate Palette

Dashbo Sliver Fox Ultimate Palette has 5 fantastic colours for hair ageing, moustache, or and beard,..

€19.07 Ex Tax: €15.50


Dashbo The Darkside Palette

Dashbo The Darkside Palette has 5 fantastic dark hair tone colours, perfect if you have white or gre..

€19.07 Ex Tax: €15.50


Dashbo Ultimate Solos ( Irish Coffee )

Dashbo Alcohol Activated Solos Paints are ultra high quality that are ideal for special FX applicati..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50


Dashbo/Sunaura Alcohol Basics Palette

In 2012 Special FX makeup artist Mike Dargan used his 20 year knowledge of the makeup industry coupl..

€55.35 Ex Tax: €45.00