Mila d’Opiz is an award-winning Swiss skincare company that uses the most cutting edge and up-to-date ingredients on the market. Their wealth of experience in manufacturing skincare products, along with a pioneering Research and Development department, ensures the finest quality products with a proven track record of effective results. Mila d’Opiz has a wide range of products to suit any skin types, and with both retail and professional products available, it would be a fantastic addition to any beauty salon.

In 1994, Mila d’Opiz were the first skincare company to obtain the ISO 9001 International Quality Standard, and they continue to manufacture to this rigorous standard without any animal testing. In 2014, they won the "Beauty Oscar" for Most Innovative Product, proving their dedication to keeping up-to-date with market changes and consumer demands.

The Research department of Mila d’Opiz is continually researching and developing products, using the latest cutting edge, biotechnical ingredients. Because the company has a dedicated R&D department, they are in the position of being able to constantly keep up to date with cosmetic ingredients and are very often the first to launch new innovative products with these new ingredients.

If you are a Beauty Therapist looking for a new skincare brand, Mila d’Opiz could be just the brand for you

The Mila d’Opiz range is an ideal choice for discerning Beauty Salons who demand excellent results from their facials. Mila d’Opiz’s range of products is extensive enough to suit every possible skin type and condition, so you can be sure you are in a position to offer your clients exactly the right treatment for their skin.

All of the products within each of the ranges are compatible with each other, so you can combine and tailor treatments while recommending home-care regimes that will give optimum care to your client. Marketing and advertising budgets are kept to a minimum to allow profits to be ploughed back into research and keep the costs of the products at a reasonable price. Salons using and retailing Mila d’Opiz have the luxury of knowing that they can offer their clients the best skincare products at affordable prices.

A little bit of Mila history

Mila d’Opiz Swiss Skincare has grown over the past eighty years from a pioneering hormonal cream to be one of the leading Swiss skincare companies. Its founder, Emilie Alther, was in 1903 in Switzerland and married Friedrich-Wilhelm Opitz in 1929. Fredrich worked in the medical and pharmaceutical field and one of his research scientists convinced Emilie that it would be a great idea to create a skincare range. Emilie, known to her friends as Mila, developed a fantastic hormonal cream which was manufactured under the name Milopa, and the range developed from this cream. Mila herself passed away in 1989 but the business continues to thrive and is still run by the family. Today the brand is widely recognised as one of the most effective salon brands available and has a catalogue of over 350 different products. Mila d’Opiz is available on five continents and over forty countries around the world, and we are proud to be the official distributors in both the United Kingdom and Ireland!

The Mila d’Opiz Ranges

Below you will find an introduction to the many different ranges that Mila d’Opiz has. Whether you’re looking for a cream to combat dry or dehydrated skin, or an anti-ageing cleanser and toner, or even a peeling cream, Mila d’Opiz carries products to suit any type of skin.

Skin Whisperer

This innovative, high-performance anti-ageing range contains 5 Stem Cells combined into a new & powerful anti-ageing complex, DermCom. The cellular structure of the skin is stimulated at the dermal level, making your skin look firmer & younger looking.

Phyto De Luxe

Phyto De Luxe is an exclusive anti-ageing line containing two Plant Stem Cells, colloidal Gold and Phyto Complex. This range fights not only against ageing caused by natural and environmental causes, but also ageing caused by hormonal changes.

Luxury Caviar

The Luxury Caviar range contains Caviar and Argan Oil, making it a richly moisturising anti-ageing care for dry and sensitive skin. The symbiotic relationship between the Argan Oil and the Caviar gives you a rejuvenating and soothing effect while reducing any skin irritation.

Skin Refine

The Skin Refine range is an advanced anti-ageing range of products containing high-tech ingredients such as Syn-Ake, Matrixyl-3000 Argiriline. Skin Refine fights prematurely ageing skin, plus the early signs of ageing that can be caused by environmental or natural damage.

Skin Vital

The Skin Vital line is packed with vitamins which help repair and combat damage caused by various external factors. It can help to combat facial redness, rosacea and pigmentation, as well as sun-damaged skin. It also helps to brighten dull and sluggish skin.

White Shade

The Mila White Shade line contains an ingredient called Sulfura White, which gently lightens and combats pigmentation problems. The range is also great for brightening dull and sluggish complexions, creating a more radiant skin tone.


Containing a range of tried and true products, the Classics line is high quality skin care for all skin types. The products in this line are true "classic" products, which have been favourites in the Mila d’Opiz line for years. The Collagen Optima Cream is a particular favourite!


The TreatMENt line is a practical and affordable range of products specifically designed for male skin. With a musky scent, the range includes shower gels and deodorants, as well as a cleansing and shaving gel and moisturiser.

Final Touch

This innovative line of make-up essentials provides an essential "Final Touch" to your skin care routine. With foundations, concealers, tinted moisturisers and more, the Final Touch range gives you beautifully even, flawless and protected skin.

Mila Sun

Protect your skin from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays while keeping it moisturised and hydrated, with Mila d’Opiz’s Mila Sun range. With a range of different SPF lotions and cream, plus Pre- and Self-Tanning Lotions, Mila Sun has got you covered.

Skin Clear

With ingredients such as Seboclear and Amber Powder, the Skin Clear line gives you a deep cleansing, purifying and freshening effect for all skin types. Extra treatments can be introduced with the line for oily and problematic skin types.

Hydro Boost

The Hydro Boost line is made up of a range of products specifically targeting dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. Containing ingredients such as Cell Active Hydor and Actisea 100, dry, tight and itchy skin is immediately softened, soothed and moisturised.

Mila Sensitive

The Mila Sensitive line is ideal for young, normal skin. Because it contains Aloe Vera, it is very soothing and it helps to calm down inflamed or overtly sensitive skin while gently cleansing and moisturising.

Swiss Wellness

Swiss Wellness is a range of body care products which are made up of active slimming and toning ingredients that hydrating properties. The irresistible scent of green tea and pure oils give this range a luxurious feeling with perfect body balance.


A unique collection of eight different serums that treat and target different skin types and conditions. Containing concentrated active ingredients, they can be used within salon treatments to optimise results from facials. They can also be retailed for home use!