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All About Tweezers

Posted by Sunaura 18/04/2017 1 Comment(s)



Really good quality tweezers are a must for anyone who is interested in make-up, skincare, and looking their best. Imagine having spent all that time and effort getting your make-up looking just right, only to look in the mirror and see stray hairs interfering with your eyeshadow! Men will also routinely pluck out stray eyebrow hairs or tidy up bushy eyebrows, and cheap, inferior quality tweezers just don't do the job as they very often can't grip the hair hard enough to pluck it out. Cheap tweezers can rarely grip on the very fine downy hairs either, which become very obvious when make-up is applied over them.



That's why we love Rubis Tweezers! They are Swiss made which is always a guarantee of superb quality, and professional beauty therapists and make-up artists alike love the brand of the quality and exceptional grip of the tweezers. Rubis make a number of different types of implements including slanted tweezers, pointed tweezers, and duo-tipped tweezers, along with accompanying implements




Pointed tweezers are primarily used by aestheticians during electrolysis treatments; they are not designed to pull out hairs, instead they are used to lift and hold a har while the electrolysis needle is inserted into the follicle. Once the follicle is treated, the pointed tweezer can gently grip the hair and pull it out. The pointed tweezers from Rubis are available in a plain stainless steel, a range of eight primary and pastel colours, and also in a Needlenose version as well (which can be used to pluck stray hairs!)




For eyebrow shaping and plucking, the best tweezers to use are the Slanted Rubis Tweezers-- they are designed to easily grip both fine and stronger hair and tweeze it out without breaking. Rubis have a few different types of slanted tweezers, including a few Stainless Steel tweezers: the original Stainless Steel tweezer, the Elegance tweezer, which has a unique pattern on the tweezer itself, and the Pro-Grip, which has a ridged handle which stops your fingers from slipping while tweezing. The Rubis Slanted Tweezers also come in a range of colourful shades, as well as a luxurious gold as well! The tips are exactly the same on both the stainless steel and the colourful tweezers, but salons tend to prefer to use the stainless steel as they very often use a Barbicide solution to sterilise their implements, and the colours on the colourful tweezers can fade over time when sitting in sterilising fluids. 




If you are going to invest in a pair of high quality tweezers, then you should ensure to look after them properly to make sure they last as long as possible! Quality tweezers have a fine edge to them in order to grip the hair effectively, and if this edge gets dented even slightly, the ability to grip the hair will be impaired. So you really need to protect the edge of your tweezers carefully! This means not using it for any other purpose than tweezing (so no trying to unscrew screws with them!!) and also making sure they aren't dripped onto any hard surface (such as a ceramic sink or counter top!) as this might dent the gripping edge. Rubis Tweezers do come with a handy soft cap to protect your tweezers, which is very useful, especially if you keep your tweezers in a make-up bag. 


If you have any questions about Rubis Tweezers, then contact us at 01 2876587! 


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