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Christmas 2017 SFX Gift Guide

Posted by sunaura-katie 11/12/2017 0 Comment(s)






Fuel their passion this Christmas with an SFX Gift! Whether it's a beginner SFX artist or a seasoned pro, Sunara gift sets and stocking fillers make an excellent gift. Checkout our Christmas page for more amazing gift ideas! 



Fill Their Stockings!







Grimas SFX Make-Up Book 

This book combine some of the most popular SFX makeup looks for beginners and more advanced SFX artist.  Add this book to our SFX starter kit to make an amazing gift! 

Only €3.08

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Robert Smith Blood 

A SFX artist can never have enough blood! Especially at this price, one of the most popular bloods amongst makeup artists. Starting at just €8.00 it is a perfect stocking filler! 


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Maekup Bloody Real Blood 

A HD-ready, non-staining, non-beading, non-sticky blood from Maekup. Perfect for use in squibs and blood pumps, as it has virtually no resistance, even through fine tubing! (Not suitable in the mouth or for set dressing!) €9.84

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The Alcohol Basics Kit



- Sunaura Alcohol Basics Palette - 10 Colours
- Sunaura IPA 99% - 50ml Spray
- Sunaura Badgerlon/Nylon Brushes - Set of 7
- Stipple Sponge - Fine


Any SFX artist is sure to love this kit - it is the perfect introduction to  alcohol-activated paints-- our Sunaura Alcohol Basics Palette contains ten of our carefully selected shades that are perfect for SFX and injury work. Simply use the IPA 99% Spray Bottle to activate the pigment in the palettes, and paint or stipple onto the skin. Once the IPA evaporates, you're left with pure pigment that won't budge until you use a remover to get rid of it. The set also contains our set of 7 Badgerlon brushes which are easy to clean and have great hair retention, so they are sure to become a kit essential! 


Was €99.63 Now Only €84.99


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The SFX Starter Kit 


- Kryolan Liquid Latex - 100ml
- Kryolan Bruise Wheel - 4 Colours
- Stipple Sponge - Fine
- Kryolan FX Blood - 50ml
- Kryolan Fresh Scratch Dark - 15ml
- Kryolan Cinewax - 10g



This SFX Starter kit contains everything you need to start making and creating your own special effects looks! Create blood effects with the ever-popular Fresh Scratch and FX Blood, make realistic bruises with the Bruise Wheel, and create 3D skin effects with the Liquid Latex and Cinewax. 


Was €60.90 Now Only €44.99



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The Glass Injury Kit 


- Maekup Zombie Mouth Blood - 30ml
- Kryolan FX Wax 
- Maekup Scab Dark - 30ml
- Capsules 3 Pack
- Siliglass
- Modelling Tool


The Glass Injury Kit is perfect for creating ultra-realistic glass and shard effects. With the siliglass you can make it look like you've been in a car accident, or even had a bottle smashed over your head! We also included a few empty capsules and mouth blood if you want to go all out and have blood oozing out of your mouth. 


Was €40.67 Now Only €29.00



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