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All The Info You Need on... PRIMERS!

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Whether you're a fan of a full face of make-up, or just a bit of tinted moisturiser and some lip balm, you'll find that primers are a godsend when it comes to creating a smooth base and combating shine! 






Essentially, primer creates a barrier between your skin and your make-up. It's a colourless cream (most of the time!) and it creates a smoother skin surface, prolongs the make-up's wear and makes your make-up easier to apply. Also, a lot of people may find that their foundation changes colour after a couple of hours on their skin-- what causes that is your foundation coming in contact with the natural oils in your skin and it oxidises. Because a primer's job is basically to act as a barrier, it can stop that oxidising from happening! 


There are two types of primer: silicone-based and water-based. Silicone-Based Primers last a lot longer than water-based ones, and leaves your skin feeling smoother. Water-Based Primers are ideal for those with breakout-prone skin, as silicone clogs your pores and it doesn't allow the skin to breathe as much, which can cause build-up of oils and cause acne, and prevent acne to heal. 


But how can you tell if your primer is water-based or silicone-based? Generally the most common ingredient in primers is Aqua, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's water-based! The aqua/water included in all these products helps keep it at a liquid-y consistency so it's more easily spreadable.


If you check the ingredients list on your favourite primer and see words near the top of the list ending in -cone,-methicone, or -siloxane, then it's silicone-based. If you don't see any of those words, or if they only appear near the middle, or the end, of the ingredients list, then it's water-based!


In general, if you use two different based (IE, a water-based primer with a silicone-based foundation), then it can cause your foundation to pill when layered on top of each other, which you definitely don't want! In particular, using a silicone-based primer with a water-based foundation on top of it can cause the foundation to pill because the primer creates a silicone barrier. When you try to apply a water-based foundation on top of that, the silicone repels the water in the foundation, and the water does not absorb properly into your skin, resulting in unevenness. 






You only need a small amount of primer for your face! Water-based primers will absorb into your skin better, but silicone-based primers tend to sit on top of it. Using too much will create a slick film that causes your foundation to slide off much sooner. We recommend just adding a little bit to your face and if you feel you need to apply more, then do so. It's easier to add small amount of primer then it is to remove too much primer! Over time, you'll get used to the amount you need for your face.


If you're in the market for a new primer, be sure you know what primer to choose for your skin type! The same primer won't look the same way on all skin types, so it's important to pick the right one, and that's where we come in! 


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MaqPro Paris Makeup Mixer 
Available in 60ml and 125ml




A very versatile product, MaqPro Paris' Make-Up Mixer is a must-have for any kit bag. Not only can it be used as a mixer to create cream products out of powder make-up such as eyeshadows or blushes, but it can also be used to prime and moisturise the skin before applying make-up. We especially love it as a primer as it glides on so easily! It can also be used as a thinner for heavier make-up, such as heavy coverage foundations. It can even be used as a make-up remover.



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Kryolan Invisible Matt Plus with SPF Protection




This primer puts an end to greasy/oily appearances and smooths the skin. It leaves a perfectly mattified base to apply makeup. It also increases the staying power of your foundation! And of course the SPF protects your skin from harmful rays. It has a creamy consistency, and the glycerine in the product keeps the skin hydrated and moisturised.



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MaqPro Paris Smoothing Primer 




A gorgeous silicone-based primer designed to smooth and even out your skin, getting rid of any unwanted texture, bumps or pores. It allows your foundation to stay on longer and glides on like a dream! If you have particularly large pores or uneven texture on your skin, you can use this primer to fill in them-- simply tap the primer onto the skin, rather than rub it in.Tapping gets the product into the pores to fill them in, while rubbing does not give the same effect.



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Grimas Anti-Shine




Grimas Anti-Shine is a great little product that gives your skin a matte finish, and prevents any shine from your skin affecting your make-up. It's also a handy primer, ensuring that your make-up stays put on areas that are prone to greasiness, such as the forehead, nose or chin. It has a slight colour but once blended in to the skin it becomes transparent. 




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