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Pennywise: Quick Tutorial

Posted by sunaura-katie 17/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

IT is one of the biggest films of 2017, and no doubt we'll see plenty of Pennywise-inspired looks out and about this Halloween.


If you want to go all-out this year and go at the demon clown, read below for a product list and full instructions to become the scariest and most realistic Pennywise this Halloween! 



What You'll Need: 




  1.  Use the Kryolan Gafquat to slick the front of your hair down and to hold it back while putting on the bald cap
  2. Place the Glatzen Bald Cap on your head and put the cotton wool underneath it to create Pennywise's large forehead
  3. Trim the Bald Cap so the back of your hair sticks out from it 
  4. Flatten the edges of the bald cap around your forehead with the Liquid Latex and blend the edges for a seamless look
    (The actual bald cap itself doesn't need to be smooth as Pennywise's forehead has a lot of texture!)
  5. Use a pair of Woochie's Dopey Ears to create Pennywise's round ears
  6. Paint your face (and the bald cap) with the White Aquacolor cake. 
  7. Use hair spray to stick your hair out from behind the bald cap and to create Pennywise's signature upward 'do.
  8. Use the red Kryolan Colour Spray to quickly (and temporarily!) dye your hair red.
    Make sure to cover the white bald cap and your face to ensure you don't get any red on it)
  9. Start painting the details of Pennywise's make-up with the Black and Red Aquacolour cakes
    Use the Black Aquacolor to shade in your eyes, and use a small amount to create his frowning eyebrows
    Then use the red paint to draw on his lips-- make sure to elongate the lower lip! 
    From the corners of your mouth, draw the narrow "S" shape up towards your eyes and bring it up to where your bald cap starts
    Paint your nose with the red as well
  10. Use a stipple sponge to apply a very light layer of the black Aquacolor to the forehead and around the face, so it looks a bit grubbier
  11. Emphasis lines with the black Aquacolor as well
  12. Use the Grimas Tooth Lacquer to apply the nicotine colour to your teeth
  13. And finally, add the yellow Eye Blood to your eyes 



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