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Our annual Mila d'Opiz Seminar!

Posted by Sunaura 02/05/2017 0 Comment(s)

Every year, we hold an annual conference in the UK for our Mila d'Opiz salons-- we find this is great for our customers and salons as we can update them on new developments and products, as well as information on marketing and training seminars! This year, our seminar was held in the Chiltern Hotel in Luton, and both Claire and Lindsay were in attendance. We had Lindsay write up this blog for those of you who couldn't make it, so read on to find out all about our Mila d'Opiz seminar...





Myself and Claire travelled to Luton for the annual Mila d'Opiz seminar last weekend. We hosted the seminar in the Chiltern Hotel near Luton airport, and this year it was lovely to welcome Sandra King from Enhance Beauty in Dublin! Sandra spent Sunday with our UK trainer Tracey Marson, training to use the glycolic peel facials. She will be launching these speciality facials shortly in her salon in Dublin, so keep an eye out if you're in that area! 



On Monday morning, we welcomed a small but very select group of our UK customers and the morning was spent telling them about new products launching in 2017, as well as other changes being made within the brand.



Our customers were also given a little bit of insight into our new Sunaura website, as well as the proposed new Mila d'Opiz UK and Ireland site, which we will be launching soon. (And a Mila d'Opiz webshop attached to the site will come online towards the end of the Summer!) The first phase will be an informative Mila d'Opiz website, with the online retail store being the second phase. Accredited Mila d'Opiz salons will still be able to purchase directly through our Sunaura website here



We also spent some time covering the main differences between the eye products and the different anti-ageing ranges. To summarise, the Hydro Boost Eye Cream is the first stage protective eye cream for young, normal or dry skin. The Skin Vital Vitalising Eye Cream is more for corrective purposes, counteracting sun or environmental damage, or over-tiredness. The Classics ATP Eye Lift Gel is for treating puffy eyes or for people with oily skin, or for people who simply prefer a gel over a cream! It's an ideal eye treatment for men or people who wear contact lenses as well. There are two anti-ageing eye creams-- one is the Skin Refine Lifting Eye Cream, containing Matrixyl-3000 and Syn-Ake to combat fine lines and wrinkles.For deeper-level protection and a more long-term anti-wrinkle treatment, the Skin Whisperer Eye Cream with stem-cell technology would be the eye cream of choice. 



When it comes to anti-ageing products, there is plenty of choice across all the ranges, with anti-ageing properties in products such as the Skin Vital Moisturising Lotion and Skin Vital Q10 Cream, as well as the Classics Collagen Cream and Lotion. The ranges dedicated to anti-ageing are the Skin Refine range, which has cleansers, tonics and a large selection of creams. The Refine range contains Matrixyl 3000, Syn-Ake, Argireline, and Hyaluronic Acid, and it targets ageing skin through protection, deep moisturisation, and fine line reduction.



Plant stem cell technology is the most up-to-date cosmetic revolution in targeting ageing in the skin. Cells in the plant world are renowned for the multiplication properties. It's seen when plants are pruned just how quickly they start to propogate new shoots. This technology is now used in cosmetic science, introducing compatable plant stem cells into the skin, which stimulates the cells in the dermis to multiply and replicate themselves. This is an extremely effective way to combat degeneration in collagen, as it leads to fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Two of the ranges in the Mila d'Opiz line dedicate themselves to this technology-- the Phyto de Luxe range, which has two plant stem cells and the Skin Whisperer range, with up to five plant stem cells. 



The afternoon of our seminar was spent experimenting with various facials and allowed the delegates to try and experience facials they hadn't tried before.



All in all, we feel it was a very successful seminar, and hope everyone enjoyed themselves. We're already looking forward to the 2018 seminar! 


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