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GUEST BLOG: Veronica McAleer's favourite MaqPro palettes

Posted by Sunaura 24/04/2017 1 Comment(s)

Veronica McAleer on her Favourite MaqPro Paris Palettes



This week we have Veronica McAleer back again-- this time she's talking about her favourite MaqPro Paris 10 Colour Palettes! If you remember, Veronica is a two-time Oscar nominated and Emmy Award-winning make-up artist and hair stylist. She's worked on hundreds of films including Shakespeare in Love, Mrs Brown, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Da Vinci Code and many more! 



Veronica has created her own make-up school in Birmingham called Makup Academy (visit their site here!), which is focused in teaching all aspects of hair and make-up training, specificaly for film and television, so it's a fantastic academy for anyone looking to get into that industry! 





Having a MaqPro Paris palette is very palatable on the pocket! Myself and every other make-up artist I know loves these palettes. There are so many benefits for professional make-up artists: 


  • They're cost effective. You get a myriad of essential colours in just one palette
  • They're small, which is perfect for your on-set bags
  • Less strain on those poor shoulders, than carrying big palettes or bottles
  • Great variety of colours which can be mixed to match every individual skin tone
  • Can be used neat or thinned down with it's own Make-Up Mixer to suit all complexions, from complete cover to a thin wash
  • Variance in texture makes it ideal for men and women
  • Palettes range from flesh shades to dirt, death, SFX and cosmetic colours


However, there are a few cons to these palettes! The packaging is plastic so they can crack. So handle them with love! 


I have been fortunate enough to have won several awards, in part for my character make-up and transformations. The make-up you use for this is vitally important as it needs to be lightweigh and transparent enough that it sinks into the skin, creating the effect that it is coming from underneath. 


For this reason, my All-Time, Can't Live Without palette is the MaqPro Paris 10 Colour Slimline Palette - PP.FX:




I love this palette, and it has helped me to create some of the most iconic looks that I designed for my personal client, actor Paul Bettany, as Silas in the DaVinci Code, Charles Darwin in Darwin, and Lord Melbourne in Young Victoria. As well as the 20+ transformations that I had to create for actor Geoffrey Rush in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, for which I won an Emmy.



(Image Left: Geoffrey Rush at Peter Sellers in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, Image Right: Paul Bettany as Silas in The Da Vinci Code)



You have all the colours you need in this little palette to achieve realistic character make-up that compliments any existing natural shadows. The combinations of the Violet, Bleu, Rouge-Sang and Rouge make a great starting point to create natural-looking shading colours around the eyes, and the addition of the mixer helps to sink it into the skin even more.



TOP TIP: Most of the colours in this palette can e found in the skin, you just have to look carefully for which colours exist and enhance them with the appropriate shade from your palette. Don't ever invent colours as they won't work-- they will sit on the skin rather than into it. 





My next big love palette is the MaqPro Paris 10 Colour Slimline Palette AB.03



This little palette is essential for skin correcting-- no.59 is fabulous for neutralising dark brown/grey areas of dark skin tones, while the other shades work well for light skin tones.



TOP TIP: Flesh tones are not enough to correct dark blue/brown shadows under the eye. Reach for those warm peach shades 63, 141 and 117 instead. This will neutralise the shadows without having to apply a shedload of flesh colour! Then simply pat in a flesh tone mixed with a little of your foundation match in. 



The best dirt palette out there is the MaqPro 6 Colour Texturising Palette





There are a great variety of colours here-- and not just dirt shades like the 119 and the 2242, but the grey shades are ideal if you just want to take the clean look off the skin (like around the neck area for example), ideal for those Victorian skullery maids! 



You might think-- why a yellow? But the 170 is essential if you want to knock out red tones when creating an unhealthy look.



TOP TIP: Try using yellow to neutralise reds from now on, the traditional use of green doesn't work for me, as it's not naturally found in your skin tone, while yellow is! It will blend in much better the rest of your skin.



TOP TIP: For dirtying down quickly, use a one and a half inch chip brush. It will fly over the hands and necks! Then, just soften off any hard edges into the skin with a wet wipe, for an ingrained effect. 





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