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Your guide to our essential fake bloods!

Posted by Sunaura 20/06/2017 0 Comment(s)


Your Guide to our Essential (Fake) Bloods




Fake blood has come a long way since Alfred Hitchcock used chocolate syrup in the 1960 thriller Psycho; the advancements in TV and film quality have meant the quality of theatrical blood has had to develop too! The blood you choose to use will depend on a number of factors such as whether it is for TV, film, stage production, photo shoot or even just for Halloween! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite bloods, their uses, benefits and shortcomings. 

When choosing your blood a few things to keep in mind would be whether or not the blood is edible or poisonous, whether it should be light or dark (depending on the scenario), if it is important for it to look wet or dry and whether you need a lot or a little!










Ben Nye Mass Casualty Blood Powder


As the name suggests, Ben Nye Mass Casualty Powder creates a massive amount of blood, up to 4 litres per tub! It has a long shelf life and you only need to use a little to get a lot back! The powder can be mixed with water, Vaseline or corn syrup depending on the required consistency. Although Ben Nye Mass Casualty Powder washes out of most fabrics, a spot test should always be carried out if you intend to reuse the clothes or costumes.  It is also ideal for creating blood splatters as can be thinned out with water and put in the spray bottles! A major plus to this product is that it can be activated on set which makes it very easy to transport without worrying about spillages!


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Fleet Street Bloodworks Drying Blood - Available in Fresh and Dark


The Fleet Street Drying Blood is one of the most versatile bloods on the market and that’s why it is a favourite amongst make-up artists! It can be used skin, hair and silicone pieces, which is perfect for finishing off looks like artificial bites or zombies. Fleet Street bloods come in fresh (vibrant & bright) and dark (Deep) and can even be mixed together to create the desired tone. One of the best features of this blood is that it is long staying so you can shoot scene after scene of your gore creation without worrying it will become dulled or smudged. To add extra texture and depth use with Fleet Street Blood Paste to create a realistic 3D effect.


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Kryolan Eye Blood - Red (Also available to order in different shades!)



Special effects for eyes can be a challenge because it’s hard to find something effect yet gentle and Kryolan Eye blood is exactly that. When dropped in to the eye it creates a realistic bleeding eye or if less is applied a blood shot eye which can be used to complete a black eye or injury effect. Ideal for short scenes and photo shoots as the effect lasts for 15-20 mins. Some makeup artists use Kryolan Eye Blood to give actors a tired or hungover look too!


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Maekup Clotted Blood - Available in Light and Dark



David Stoneman’s blood gel is perfect for filling prosthetic wounds to create a detailed look. It can also be used on the skin, set or wardrobe. You can smear this blood directly on or dilute it with water for a runnier effect. Blood gels are usually thicker and darker in consistency than liquid bloods and tend to resist drying more. Another major benefit of using Maekup’s clotted blood is that it is light and portable!


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Grimas Blood Capsules


Grimas Blood Capsules are filled with powdered blood and are activated with salvia. They are placed in the actor’s mouth and then bitten on, and it will create an instant frothy bloody effect! These capsules are perfect for stage productions or brawl scenes where there is no time to come off stage and apply special effects make up! 


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Skin Illustrator Bloody Five Palette



An essential for makeup artists on set, this Bloody palette is perfect for quick touch ups or for creating entire looks. The palette includes five colours: Prime Red, Blood Tone, Aged Blood and Rose Adjuster. This palette must be activated with 99% alcohol, and because it is an alcohol activated blood it won’t run with water, so it’s perfect for action scenes or stage productions where it can get hot under the lights!



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And when you are finished your amazingly horrifying look you can use Fleet Street Plasma Soap to remove all variants of theatrical blood whilst being gentle on skin. No scrubbing or hard action involved!


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