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PhD Safewax

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PhD Bonded Fibre Strips

PhD Bonded Fibre Strips are slightly smaller than the average Paper Strip to allow them to sit in t..

Restricted Ex Tax: €3.50


PhD Cotton Strips

Coming in a pack of 100, PhD Cotton Strips are slightly smaller than the average waxing strip. This ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €3.50


PhD Honey Wax

The most popular PhD Wax we have, the PhD Honey Wax is sold in batches of 16 x 70 ml tubes per box. ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €28.00


PhD Jpod Intro Kit

Designed primarily for students, this PhD Safewax J-Pod Intro Kit comes with just one heating chambe..

Restricted Ex Tax: €49.00


PhD Micro Applicators - Blue

These Blue Micro Applicators are designed for use on the face-- they have a tiny opening which allow..

Restricted Ex Tax: €12.00


PhD Mini Applicators - Pink

These Pink Mini Applicators are designed for use in the under-arm area or the bikini line. What's gr..

Restricted Ex Tax: €12.00


PhD Pre-Wax Hygienic Intimate Wipes

A pack of 18 wipes, designed for use with specialised intimate waxing. Individual sachets contain hy..

Restricted Ex Tax: €3.00


PhD Promotional Postcards

This fifty-pack of Promotional Postcards are great for getting the word out there about PhD Safewax...

Restricted Ex Tax: €3.00


PhD Safewax Bath Sheet

This fluffy white Bath Sheet comes with the PhD Safewax logo embossed on it. This is a very high qua..

€19.07 Ex Tax: €15.50


PhD Safewax Hand Towel

Add a touch of professionalism to your treatments with these PhD Hand Towels. Embossed with the PhD ..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.50


PhD Safewax Moulded Waxing Trolley

The PhD Safewax Trolley is designed to fit your PhD Heater on the top, with two drawers and two shel..

Restricted Ex Tax: €175.00


PhD Spatulas (50 Pack)

PhD Spatulas are micro sized spoon shaped plastic spatulas for accurate application of tiny amounts ..

€6.77 Ex Tax: €5.50


PhD Standard Applicators - White

These White Applicators are the standard sized Applicators for PhD Safewax. What's great is they're ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €13.00