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Kryolan Colour Spray

Kryolan's Colour Spray is great for temporarily covering your hair and synthetic wigs and beards. We..

€11.69 Ex Tax: €9.50

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RCMA No Colour Powder

RCMA's No Colour Powder is a staple in the make-up and sfx industry, and for good reason. Since it h..

€19.07 Ex Tax: €15.50

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Skin Illustrator Activator

The Skin Illustrator Activator is a special blend of Ethanol and Isopropynal Alcohol and is needed t..

€11.07 Ex Tax: €10.00


Ben Nye Old Character Wheel

Ben Nye's Old Character Wheel contains four creamy and intense shades to help you create realistic a..

€17.84 Ex Tax: €14.50

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Brush Egg

Brush Eggs are great for deep cleaning your make-up brushes! Made from a rubber material, the Brush ..

€4.92 Ex Tax: €4.00


Classics Collagen Eye Mask Patches (box of 5 pairs)

Mila d'Opiz Classics Collagen Eye Mask Patches are cell renewal masks in bubble packs of 2. To use, ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €42.50


Dermacolor Camoulflage Cream Refill

The Dermacolor Camouflage cream is a superior pigmented make-up product which is specifically formul..

€6.15 Ex Tax: €5.00


Grimas Anti-Shine

Grimas Anti-Shine is a great little product that gives your skin a matte finish, and prevents any sh..

€11.07 Ex Tax: €9.00

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Kryolan Airstream Make-up

Available in skintone shades, bright colours and iridescent shades, the Kryolan Airstream Make-Up we..

€17.84 Ex Tax: €14.50


Kryolan Glycerin - 100ml

Glycerin is a great addition to any SFX make-up artist's kit as it has so many uses! Glycerin doesn'..

€7.50 Ex Tax: €6.10


Kryolan Multi-Gel 10ml Clear

Kryolan Multi-Gel is used to apply loose powders, glitter, crystals and body jewels. It can be used ..

€4.23 Ex Tax: €3.44

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MaqPro Paris HD Puff Foundation

MaqPro Paris' HD Puff formulation has a creamy texture that gives you a velvety effect with no need ..

€52.89 Ex Tax: €33.00


Mouldlife Baldiez - 500ml

Mouldlife's Baldiez was developed to create professional bald caps, but it can also be used as an en..

€42.44 Ex Tax: €34.50


O! Circle Foundation Brush

The O! Circle Brush can you give you a flawless, airbrushed finish in seconds! With over one million..

€29.83 Ex Tax: €24.25


Skin Vital 2-in-1 Vitamin Cleanser (Professional)

The Skin Vital 2-in-1 Cleanser from Mila d'Opiz is both a Facial Cleanser and a Tonic. It leaves tir..

Restricted Ex Tax: €25.00


Skin Whisperer Eye Cream 15 ml

Mila d'Opiz Skin Whisperer Eye Cream is a premium eyecare product for regenerating, rejuvenating, hy..

Restricted Ex Tax: €96.80


Ur Make-Up Book

"Written by Nichola Graham and Mark Totten, this book is the ultimate make-up career guide for the m..

€27.99 Ex Tax: €22.76

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Viseart Crème Foundation

We are lucky enough to have a couple of Viseart Powder Compact Foundations available for a limited t..

€67.65 Ex Tax: €13.75


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