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Salon Disposables

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Majestic Towelling Slippers

Towelling Slippers are navy blue slip on slippers for use during salon treatments. Comfortable and e..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


Marvelash Micro Applicators (100 Pack)

These disposable Micro Applicators are great for when small amounts of liquid need to be accurately ..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50


Sunaura Waterproof Couch Roll

This Waterproof Couch Roll is a disposable roll with a waterproof underside, to protect your salon c..

€12.30 Ex Tax: €10.00


Hive Lash Papers

Hive Lash Tinting Papers are used to protect the clients skin during lash treatment. The papers are ..

€6.15 Ex Tax: €5.00


Hive Magnesium Carbonate Powder

Hive Magnesium Carbonate is a light finely ground powder which is primarily used as a facial mask in..

€1.23 Ex Tax: €1.00


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