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Aloe Massage Glove

This aloe massage glove is a mitt which aids exfoliation of the skin, leaving it looking smooth and ..

€6.27 €3.00 Ex Tax: €2.44


Body Creamer

The Body Creamer is designed for applying body lotions in areas that are hard to reach. The lotion i..

€20.91 €10.00 Ex Tax: €8.13


Christmas Tree Sponge

These novelty Sponges are shaped like Christmas Trees and are soft, absorbent and an ideal little st..

€1.23 €0.80 Ex Tax: €0.65

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Covermark Concealer

Covermark Concealer is a long lasting, waterproof concealer stick with SPF30. This concealer is grea..

€21.53€5.39 Ex Tax: €17.50

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Covermark Foundation

Covermark Foundation is one of the original professional camouflage foundations and for good reason!..

€31.37€7.85 Ex Tax: €25.50


Massage Glove

This green massage glove is a mitt which helps you exfoliate your skin, leaving it looking smooth an..

€6.15 €3.00 Ex Tax: €2.44


Natural Bristle Bath Brush with Wooden Handle

The Bath Brush has a long handle and natural bristle for washing hard to reach places such as the m..

€6.77 €3.30 Ex Tax: €2.68


Salon System S Color Makeup Kit

The Salon System S Color Make-Up kit is a 46 piece professional make-up kit. It's designed for stude..

€172.20 €40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52


Sunaura Finger Separators

Finger Separators are a handy way to ensure the client keeps their fingers apart whilst the nail pol..

€0.62 €0.20 Ex Tax: €0.16


Sunaura Make-Up Palette

Sunaura Make Up Palette is a white plastic make up palette for holding and mixing foundations etc. I..

€6.15 €1.00 Ex Tax: €0.81


Sunaura Toe Separators

These Toe Separators are designed to keep toes apart whilst toenail polish is applied, and keeps the..

€0.62 €0.20 Ex Tax: €0.16

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Viseart Crème Foundation

We are lucky enough to have a couple of Viseart Powder Compact Foundations available for a limited t..

€67.65€16.91 Ex Tax: €55.00

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