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Serums & Concentrates

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Caviar Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate - 5ml

Caviar has been added to the formulation of Mila d'Opiz's popular Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate. It has a..

Restricted Ex Tax: €6.50


Hyaluron Concentrate - 5ml

The Hyaluron Concentrate is the ultimate tool for pure moisturisation. It contains a wide complex of..

Restricted Ex Tax: €6.50


Hydration Concentrate - 5ml

The Hydration Concentrate is an energy booster and thirst-quencher in one. It contains various formu..

Restricted Ex Tax: €6.50


Hydro Boost 3D Hycon Hyaluron Serum - 30ml

The Hydro Boost 3D Serum is an intense serum containing Hydrasalinol which gives deep moisturising e..

Restricted Ex Tax: €20.00


Hydro Boost Hyaluron+ Capsules

These Hydro Boost Hyaluron+ Capsules are a 21 day treatment for exceptionally dry and dehydrated ski..

Restricted Ex Tax: €20.00


Lifting Effect Concentrate - 5ml

This Lifting Effect Concentrate from Mila d'Opiz visibly smoothes the skin, reduces the appearance o..

Restricted Ex Tax: €6.50


Mila d'Opiz Cell-Tox Concentrate -15ml

The Cell-Tox Serum from Mila d'Opiz is the perfect alternative to Botox (Botulinum Toxin A). In the ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €10.53


Mila White Shade Vision Serum (Professional) - 100ml

The White Shade Vision Serum is optimal skin-brightening care which helps to reduce age spots and pi..

Restricted Ex Tax: €28.00


Mila White Shade Vision Serum - 30ml

Optimal skin-brightening care which helps to reduce age spots and pigmentation disorders while nouri..

Restricted Ex Tax: €22.00


Nourish & Calm Concentrate - 5ml

Mila d'Opiz's Nourish and Calm Concentrate is full of natural anti-oxidants to help regenerate, calm..

Restricted Ex Tax: €6.50


Phyto de Luxe Gold Essence 3 x 5ml

The Phyto Gold Essence from Mila d'Opiz is a concentrated serum used to prevent ageing of the skin, ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €50.50


Purifying Concentrate -5ml

The Mila d'Opiz Purifying Concentrate uses a complex called AC.Net Active Component Complex to norma..

Restricted Ex Tax: €6.50


Skin Clear Purifying Serum- 30ml

This Purifying Serum from Mila d'Opiz is used as a lightweight moisturiser for oily and acne-prone s..

Restricted Ex Tax: €11.50


Skin Refine Hydro Lift Fluid with UV Protection -50ml

The Skin Refine Hydro lift Fluid is a lightweight moisturising lotion for mature and dehydrated skin..

Restricted Ex Tax: €25.53


Skin Refine Lifting Serum - 30ml

The Skin Refine Lifting Serum contains Syn-Ake, a complex specifically designed to mimic snake venom..

Restricted Ex Tax: €26.00


Skin Vital Anti Spot Concentrate with Vitamin C - 30ml

Enriched with Vitamin C, this Anti Spot Concentrate from Mila d'Opiz can visibly diminish the appear..

Restricted Ex Tax: €15.60


Skin Vital Vitamin Capillary Balm - 50ml

This vitamin-enriched Capillary Balm can visibly reduce redness and reduce engorged blood capillarie..

Restricted Ex Tax: €13.00


Skin Vital Vitamin+ Capsules

The Skin Vital Vitamin+ Capsules are made up of a Precious Oils Complex, comprising of Zea Mays Corn..

Restricted Ex Tax: €24.50


Vitamin C Concentrate -5ml

This Concentrate from Mila d'Opiz contains a very high concentrate of Vitamin C, which protects the ..

Restricted Ex Tax: €6.50


White Shade Concentrate -5ml

The White Shade Concentrate is a new addition to the Concentrates Collection, offering a brightening..

Restricted Ex Tax: €6.50


Mila Concentrate Dropper

The Concentrate Dropper is a useful way to dispense measured amounts of concentrate. They can either..

Restricted Ex Tax: €1.25


Phyto de Luxe DS Forbidden Serum

The DS Forbidden Serum is a sinfully good serum that smooths the skin’s surface instantly while mini..

Restricted Ex Tax: €68.76


Skin Whisperer Serum - 30ml

Comprising of an advanced complex containing 5 Plant Stem Cells as well as the other ingredients tha..

Restricted Ex Tax: €121.00

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