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Ellisons Lash Tinting

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Ellisons Eyelash Tint

Ellisons Eyelash Tint is a permanent tint for eyelashes and eyebrows. Activate with Ellisons Oxidant..

Restricted Ex Tax: €5.50


Ellisons Lash Tint Intro Kit

Ellisons Lash Tint Intro Kit is the ideal starter kit for the therapist intending to offer eyelash a..

Restricted Ex Tax: €30.00


Ellisons Oxidant 3%

Ellisons Oxidant is for activating eyelash tints. It contains 3% stabilised hydrogen peroxide and wh..

Restricted Ex Tax: €3.50


Ellisons Tint Brush

Ellisons Tint Brush is a tiny brush for application of tints to eyelashes and brows. It has stiff po..

Restricted Ex Tax: €2.00


Ellisons Tint Dish

Ellisons Tint Dish is a glass dish designed for mixing of tints. It has grooves for resting of the t..

Restricted Ex Tax: €9.75

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