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GUEST BLOG: With Veronica McAleer, talking all about glues

Posted by Sunaura 16/03/2017 0 Comment(s)


For this blog, we have a special guest contributor! Veronica McAleer is a two-time Oscar-Nominated and Emmy Award-Winning make-up artist and hair stylist. You might be most familiar with her work in Shakespeare in Love (see image, left, where she is applying a wig to Dame Judi Dench) and Mrs Brown (both of which she was nominated for an Oscar) but she has worked on hundreds of other film productions including Assassin's Creed, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Jacket and many more. She has also worked on The Da Vinci Code, The Young Victoria, Wimbledon and many other films starring Paul Bettany, who she worked for as his principle Hair Designer and Make-Up Arist for many years. 



Veronica has moved on to create her very own make-up school, called Makup Academy, which is located in Birmingham! The course is focused on teaching all aspects of hair and make-up training for film and television, and we would highly recommend it for anyone looking to get into a career in film and television make-up and hair styling.


Find out more at her site here:







"To Glue or Not to Glue," is never the question, "Which Glue?" is the real question. With so many choices out there, it's hard to know which glue is best and sadly, it's not that easy a choice as many glues have different properties.


Having designed for many period films (see my IMDb page here), I have tried and tested many, many different glues, so here are my favourites! 



KD 151 Adhesive


It's my all-time favourite! It's thin, light, and great for gluing wig-lace onto wigs. It stays well and does not go white, although it can be shiny so you need to tack the surface.


It can be used for facial hair, but watch for that shine! It's better to use two thin layers than one thick shiny coat. This is a great all-rounder if funds are tight!


Veronica's Tip: Pop a piece of stocking over your finger when tacking, as it will keep your finger clean! 



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Bluebird FX Adhesive


My new bestie-- this is fabulous for applying facial hair. It's a thick gel so it's less messy than other glues, which makes it ideal for large areas.


It's very matte but without the heavy shellac found in the WM Creations Super Matte Hold Glue-- this is great as it means it not pucker or white in sweaty, moist areas. 


Veronica's Tip: No need to tack it, just wait for ten seconds until it evaporates and then lay your lace down.



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WM Creations Spirit Gum - Super Matte Hold Glue


Even though I mentioned earlier than it can pucker or go white, the WM Creations Super Matte Hold Glue is still a really good choice for the application of wigs. It doesn't shine and there's less chance of it puckering on the forehead as the skin is wuite firm there. You can loose the lace completely with it. 


Veronica's Tip: Watch out as on some skin where it is especially thin or delicate, this glue can leave a grey blur and look too matte. All you need to do to combat this is matify the skin surrounding it and give the bottle a really good shake!


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You can find all of these glues in my school-- www.mmakup-- in my student's glue pots! 


- Veronica McAleer 


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